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To whom it may concern at Sam's:

I decided to shop at Albany, Georgia Sam's today(Oct. 11th 2009) and was exiting the store around 5pm. I was asked to show my receipt which I politely refused to do. I always refuse to show my receipt as it is my right to do so and have never experienced harassment as a result.. A manager by the name of Dimona (Not sure of the spelling.) was called out and proceeded to harass me in the parking lot as I was loading the vehicle. Dimona insisted that I show her my receipt. The conversation was short and pretty cool headed. However, Dimona did inform me that I should reconsider being a Sam's member if I objected to showing purchase receipts at the exit door. Dimona indicated that I agreed to this policy in my membership agreement.

According to the membership agreement on-line at:

It is thus stated under general policies:

Receipts: To ensure that you are charged correctly for the merchandise you have selected, you will be requested to show your receipt when exiting.

I have no objection to Sam's employees requesting a receipt. However, policy does not indicate that members are required to show any receipts at anytime when exiting the store. Correct me if I am wrong. Language indicating that a member must or shall show receipts upon leaving a store after a purchase cannot be found. Again correct me if I am wrong.

Here is my question: Is Sam's going to continue to harass me regarding my refusal to show a receipt when leaving the store when there is no suspicion of theft? If so, is Sam's ready to fire me as a customer? Is Sam's willing to educate their managers that having the right to ask for a receipt is distinctly different than having the right to see said receipt? I respectfully request an answer to each of these questions.

Do not waste your time expounding on why Sam's desires to see my receipts as the rational is ridiculously laughable insofar as preventing theft....I have heard it all before. Provide any justification for receipt checking and I still maintain the right to not show you my receipt which is my property and not subject to search without my express consent.

Just another customer treated as a criminal ready to give up on Sam's,


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Sam's is horrible! I have been (notice the HAVE BEEN) a LONG time customer of Sam's; however after having my credit card number stolen twice, yes, twice, a day after I shopped at Sams on two different occasions and harassed to show my receipt, I'm done! They ought to look "inside" at their theft suspicions versus their paying customers!


I never show receipts to the wanna be Sams thugsters either. A few times they have followed me out to my car but then they quickly left as soon as I started recorded them.

Funny that response to being recorded.

As several have stated, "Corporate policy does not trump individual property and privacy rights". It is the American way.


Sams policy is clear to me. Show your receipt.

Maybe you want to make a unfounded statement. As long as you are in the building you can and should be required to show recieipt. So think about anyone who could walk out the door without paying for goods. Sam's is in my opinion protecting their bottom line.

Therefore keeping the cost down so you can buy at a savings.

So please just show your receipt OR shop elsewhere. That is the American way.


It is not my responsibility to help Sam's Club in there in efficiency when it comes to security.


Get out of America and go live somewhere where you're told how to live!


Then don't shop there. No one is holding a gun to your head. Go over to Wal-Mart where they don't require you to show your receipt.

@Mr. Reasonable

If there is potential to make a bundle off of Sam's worjing with a state actor to be deprived of one's 4th amendment rights then shopping at Sam's could be quite profitable. Will continue to shop at Sam's.


If a Sam's employee works in concert with a state actor such as a deputy Sheriff to perform an unreasonable search or seizure them you have a 1983 deprivation of rights civil action as your remedy. The 1983 action will award money damages if your rights have been denied.

Sam's management is hyper aware of this which is why their policy states that the receipt checker may only REQUEST to see your recipt.


Oh brother. The time it took to type up this complaint and all your responses wastes more of your precious time than simply flashing the fkkcing receipt.

I gladly show my receipt even though I know it is nearly pointless. That person is just trying to do their job. I say 'Hi' and 'Thank you' and we have a nice, neighborly, pleasant exchange and eah get on with our lives. .

. . . .

Then there's always at least one priik with some stick up their azss that has to prove some petty point. Stop your petty bs and learn to appreciate people doing a job, jrkk


So how is it their fault you do not know how to read. Next time before signing anything read the whole policy. If this is too hard for you get mommy or daddy to read it for you.


Just so you know... all of your purchases are available for us to look up.

All we have to do is follow you on the security camera at the point of entry to the terminal you checked out at. Then all we have to do is take the information from the receipt and we can get your name, address, State/Government/Military ID number, and sometimes social security number. So, yes, you are right we don't have to check your receipt. BUT we can revoke your membership at our discretion and you can shop else where.

And to those of you who say "Ill just go to Costco." Go ahead. We could careless if you shopped with us.


They can shop at Costco, but they do the exact same thing. I think the OP has something to hide, otherwise he or she would not be reluctant to show the receipt.


ACTUALLY, looking up a customer's information, without a proven violation, is a criminal offence. Even the police are not allowed to do this. Since you mentioned the SS number, this would be a federal crime as well.


You could always try Costco. Oh wait they check receipts there too.


Who cares? Sams Club sucks major ball sack.


If you do not have anything to hide,Why not show your receipt when asked.If you where not acting like a *** 5 year old,Know one would treat you like a 5 year old.You do not even know how to accept other people when they are behind you.WTF.I am sure you will be missed greatly.


Wow, Linda you should learn how to use grammar. It's not "know" it's "no". I'm sure this post will not miss you either, you m oron.


As an ex employee of the Sam Walton corporation aka Walmart and SAMs club it is a regulation that they have done in SAMs club for yrs it is asked for prevention of loss cashiers aren't always observant enough to catch everything and when u have lines it's overwhelming and intimidating if u have a problem with it call corporate or try ur hand at working there I know for the over 20 yrs I have shopped at SAMs they have done it and most likely will never change and unless u have something to hide just hand over the receipt it may just save u money and embarrassment


You should be ok showing your receipt unless you have something to hide. Aqvy


"A lot of you are idiots. I do not have to show the receipts, and to the idiots that defended me. I am not a child I don't need you fighting for me and sticking up for me like I am some five year old."

Strange, you sound like a five year old, and when you bought your membership, you agreed to show your membership card upon entering, and if anything was purchased, presenting your receipt to the door person upon exiting.

This has nothing to do with checking to be sure you were not overcharged...well, very far and few between...but to prevent merchandise that might not have been rung up at the checkout, from getting out of the store not paid for. Get it? It is known as loss prevention. Better yet, if you don't like the rules and feel your privacy is being invaded, shop somewhere else.