Capitola, California

I have been a Samsclub member for over a year and I like Samsclub, although I purchase more items some place else. Aside for this review, I will continue to shop at Sams, but not at the online Samsclub store.

I purchased a electronic dartboard through the online store from Samsclub.

The price was a little better than other stores in the Net. I didn't mind paying for shipping because I expected to get this item within the 3-8 business day they specified. When I logged onto my account (8) eight days later (today) to get a tracking number, the purchased item is still being processed. I sent an email to Samsclub to find out why it's taking so long.

Their replay was that it takes affect after the carrier has possession of the package. I have never heard of this before. . Sorry Samsclub, but that is not acceptable.

I can buy from other online stores and get free shipping and receive the package in approximately 6 business days to my door, and usually I get an email when it will be delivered. I have relatives coming out this week for the holidays and was hoping to get this item for their entertainment.

So I am forced to purchase another one some place else, while I wait for a shipping date from them. So much for customer satisfaction!

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same here i ordered a 65 inch vizio 4k 3 weeks ago and still have yet to received my tv. sams is not good to buy from online.


I ordered this table over a month ago and still do not have it. It was delivered with "white glove service" and had a huge crack in the table top.

After dealing with rude customer service via phone, I was told they would have another one shipped out as soon a possible. I get a call saying it will be delivered on Saturday between 4 - 6 pm. At 3 pm I receive a call from the delivery guy saying the truck broke down, so we have to reschedule. I never imagined ordering a table would be this hard.

Dealing with the run around has been the worst. I would not recommend buying a table from Sams club.


:cry I purchesed a dell netboob on 12/09 and on the sams club web site it said free shipping delivers in 5 days i called today 12/15 and they tell me its 3-4weeks the computer is for my only daughter 12year old for Christmas can u belive that I will not have her gift on christmas morning they ruined my Christmas no JOKE


We ordered a TV from Sam's club online on Black Friday and received an email notification on Nov. 30th that it had shipped.

When I went to the order status on the website, there was a tracking number. However, when I clicked on it I got a message that the item could not be found. We called customer service on 12/4 and we were told the item should arrive by 12/9 but that they would call us within 24 hours to verify. Needless to say, we never got a call.

We called back on 12/7 (in the evening) and were told to call during the day on 12/8 to setup a delivery time. We called on 12/8 and the lady said she could not set up a delivery time.

We were then told the item would not even be in our state until 12/13. We are so frustrated and will probably never order from the Sam's Club website again!!!


This is a continued complaint from the above Samsclub complaint I wrote on Nov. 17.

- Follow up: I ended purchasing from another store, so I cancelled my order yesterday from Sams Club. The lady I spoke to cancel, told me that it will take 7 days for the cancellation to go through, What?. So I got an email this morning from them telling me this:

"Thank you for your order, Unfortunately, we will have to cancel the below listed items from your order due to supplier availability." So, what this means is that they had no intentions to ship the product I had ordered! But they are still advertising this product in the internet, Hum!

Obviously they had no intention to deliver it, I am glad I went ahead and purchased it from some place else yesterday and will be here in five days and free shipping!

I am thinking now, to cancel my membership. Sorry ***!


To top it off these idiots say that Saturday and Sunday don't count as business days. What a bunch of liers.

They are open these two days. I purchased this item on November 12th and I am still waiting.


Just because SAMs club is open on Saturday and Sunday doesn't mean it constitutes a business day. As a general rule of thumb in the real world, Monday thru Friday are considered business days.