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I applied for a Sam's Club Membership in 2015. I paid them the $150 fee for a plus membership.

As the primary account holder, they said I could put someone else on my account as an authorized shopper, so I put one of my daughters down. Fast forward to 12/22/18. My daughter was in Sam's Club Lewisville TX shopping, and they offered her to apply for a Sam's Credit Card and she would get half off of the Prime Rib she was about to purchase, which was $90, so she agreed. She was approved and they issued her the card and half off as promised.

But what they did next was OUTRAGEOUS. They made her the primary person on my account, disabled my card and told her, I would have to come into the store to get another shoppers card under her name. It was only when I went to log onto my Sam's account to order something on 12/23/18, did I realize I was locked out of my own account. Who does that?

Her applying for a credit card should not have affected my account in any way. I opened that account, signed the agreement and paid them my money. They removed me as the primary person and made my authorized shopper the primary person without my knowledge or consent. I called them, but they said they could not speak to me because I am no longer the primary person.

Seriously? Seeing how upset I was, my daughter went back to the Lewisville store to try to undo the damage.

She was told it should have never happened, but unfortunately there is nothing they can do. I am in the process of seeking legal action for damages.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Membership.

Reason of review: My membership given to my authorized shopper.

Monetary Loss: $150.

Preferred solution: I want the membership that I paid for restored and I am the primary person of the account I paid and signed the agreement for..

Sams Club Pros: Purchasing in large quantities.

Sams Club Cons: Inability to undo damage caused by an incompetent worker.

  • incompetent administration
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So your daughter screwed your account up yet it’s Sam’s Clubs fault? They would only do what SHE TOLD THEM TO DO!!!!!!!!

While your parental support of your child is admirable you tend to forget that SHE DID THIS!!!! So before you go blasting them point those proverbial guns at your child first. She said YES to all of the changes and then signed her name on the paperwork to finalize it. How you can blame them before you’re holding your kid accountable is beyond me.

Why aren’t you shaming your daughter online as easily as you do Sam’s club? Why is she absolved when she caused all the damages in the first place trying to get a deep discount? Come on and shame her first. Put her name out on the web as someone who screwed up YOUR account!

You won’t because YOU want free money. You even tell us all this by claiming to be pursuing legal action for “damages”. Sorry but every lawyer will laugh at you because there WAS NO DAMAGE!! At best you might have a small claims case IF they took you completely off the account.

But as it stands it’s just a administrative issue with ZERO CASH FOR YOU!! You’re not going to get anything and your refusal to go to the store and handle the issue is what the real problem is. Get off your phone, bathe and put clothes on and go out and handle this like a adult should. Being a henious hagfish won’t get you anywhere.

Your petty threats of legal action and not shopping there mean absolutely nothing. You might as well be threatening them a paper sword. If you have patience and are polite then they can fix it. Screaming at them over the phone does nothing but get marks against you on your account.

Yes they would definitely add into your account information that you like to throw tantrums and threaten them over the phone.

I swear you people cause so many of your own problems by being lazy nasty human beings. You get so much farther by being nice.


First world problems.....


Sams, Costco is just around the corner.


Who pays extra for the privilege of simply entering a store ? Crazy.

They can make their profit from their sales like everyone else and stop irritating and alienating potential customers with the absurd litany of rules.

Just for that, they will have to pay ME if they want the privilege of my patronage. Don't bother to call the workers names ; it's not their setup and they probably hate it more than you do.


Lmfao dude are clubs new to you? Privelege?

Hahahahaha.. How about "entitled" customers? Can't afford the 90 cents a week to be a member that can potentially save you hundreds of dollars a year? Go to Costco!

PAY YOU??? Damn entitled Americans that want the world handed to them for nothing.. You people are idiots. Place an order on your phone, get that item shipped to you..

Think that's all done with magic? You stupid lazy entitled Americans have no idea the hundreds of moving parts that are involved, nor do you care... I want i want I want.. You're all like those kids in the grocery store asking mum to buy whatever toy is on the shelf, and when you don't get your way, you drop to the ground, pouting and screaming bloody *** *** happens, get over it, get a life.

And go to Costco. I'm sure Sam's will thank you...