Amsterdam, Ohio
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Just got home from Sam's Club in Augusta, GA and noticed I was overcharged on

Doral Cigarettes by almost $3 a carton. I called and asked the price and was given the price posted on the board.

Then I asked why I was overcharged on 4 cartons by $3 on each carton....The girl said.."O, We had a price increase last Monday" I asked why the board still showed the price she had just quoted me...She told me it wasn't her job to change the board........I'm just happy a new Costco store just opened here....Bye-Bye Sam's. I've spent my last dollar at Sam's.

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It happens to all of us, even when we think we notice all the charges ringing up as we are in line. Probably too late now to do anything except stay away from the crooks at Sams Club.

You must know WalMart could care less what you think or if you shop there. They have more than enough customers as it is without you.

I used to know a woman who, when a store over-charged her and refused to correct it, would make sure the store lost at least twice what they over-charged her in inadvertent damage to products---amazing how some items can be ruined just by handling and squeezing them. She figure that if the store did not respect her, she did not respect them.


If you had paid attention at the checkout you would have caught the overcharge at that time, spoken to a manager and probably gotten the lower price.