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I work at Sam's Club in CO for a whole $ 8.90 a hour. I work in the Cafe.

We are front line for customer service. Well let me tell you, we have a very high volume of customers always! With mainly two many times one person running around on the register making food filling pizza orders keeping food fresh(not letting anything sit to long or run out) filling the take n bake pizza orders from mamanagement ranging from 20 to 60 pizzas to be made up boxed and priced! Along with orders for yogurt parfait s that are time consuming for management s guests and deli ham sandwich s to be put in special bags and priced as our manager sees fit.

How can two people manage to keep up we can't its awful we get no help from our manager if we have three or more people they have them on some project. We are suppose to ; make pizzas, cheesey bread, churros, hot and polish dogs(no pre-wrapping), pretzels (fresh), 4 berry sundaes, chocolate or vanilla ice cream cups, chicken sandwiches, keep water filled for hotdogs change dogs every hour, keep pizza in case can't keep more then 45 min, fill ice cream machine, keep everything else no more then thirty mins, fill to go orders sometimes seven to ten pizzas at one order, answer phone, clean dinning room, fill soda machines, keep condiments fresh, deal with our customers concerns. With the extremely high volume of customers we always have at least 3 people at the order window until close in a continuous flow. The dinning room looks like a trashcan soda runs out and we have like 30 spouts, trash overflowing because at times we don't have housekeeper people!!

We beg for help from our COS and managers ha ha ha they either just ignore you or they come to help at our expense they have no idea what to do at all o and they *** up every order forgetting this or that! Shouldnt at least the mgr for the cafe have a clue on how to effectively run it! Nope he hasn't a clue and all of them refuse to do any labor work o wait one manager who runs his own dept will do it all TOP KUDOS FOR B SUPERVISER at SAMS CLUB!!!! He should be a manager!!

So then the closing people 1 or 2 of us get to here we go its insain: clean dish's from all stations wash dry and replace for openers,wash down all table tops and walls, break down hotdog steamer and clean, clean case top to gotten ,icee machine, ice cream machine including break the whole thing down twice a week do inside, oven cleaning(racks) only, wipe and clean pizza table, not easy its a horrible mess with pizza makings sauce ,etc everywhere! The mess every shift has left for you all day! Sweep( at least 30-45 min just for this, clean and stock driveand freezer, clean and remove knobs and all removable metal wash and dry and clean drains on soda mmachine, remove condiments relish, katchup,mustard take apart pump and clean each little part, move huge condiment table scrub down mop under and around fill up straws , spoons, napkins etc. Mop in front of soda machine and in syrup room for soda!

Wash down all tables we have 20-30 tables seats and bar in between seats must be scrubbed they are white all tables pushed up toward registers! Then you must do a three step hose and scrub sqeegie floor cleaning in cafe o sweep dinning room to! OK back to floor in cafe first spray floor yes all three rooms has to sit for at least 15,min to make scrubing easy, scrub sweetie now rinse same thing sweetie until floor is clear of soap residue then after45min to an hour sanitize spray allow to sit for 19-15min and yes sgeegie down a tiny little drain that has bad plumming so may take a sec to go down now your done o nope don't forget to count your drawer put it in volt and take all the trash to back of the store to dump! Did you check and toss all those expired sandwishs, take n bakes and yogurt s ?

Hey wait you best chart all your throw always to on that computers and hello you didn't forget to do your temperature s on food today every 2-4 hours you must chart those on that hand held computer that has the thermometer attached !! Customers they can just wait these things must be done! But if you don't boost customer service your in trouble! The closeing shifts are 2-10 store closes m-sat at 8:30pm so if your lucky two of you have until ten to get it all done!

But really its only one person and I'm no spring chicken anymore!! For less then 9 bucks an hour ha a few years ago they paid a doller more per hour and insurance for pt people now a billion dollar company took insurance all benefits will only give part time hours right up to the max hour and took benefits away! Greedy pigs!!!

Maybe lawsuit time ? Its not right!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Deal.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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No one is forcing you to work there. If it is so bad quit. I know many people who would be happy to have your job.