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Trying to access my Sams Club Credit Card I entered my username and saw a site key image I never saw before. After a few more attempts of trying to enter my account and the incorrect image kept popping up, I called their Customer Service Department as advised by the log-in website which is actually a part of GE Credit Services.

First, trying to get a live customer service agent is frustrating and time consuming after going through a gauntlet of automated information and suggestions. Finally getting an agent, she had no idea what I was talking about regarding the "site key" and after placing me on hold for several minutes while she discussed my situation with a supervisor told me she could not reset my site key and she would have to have a tech agent contact me regarding me accessing my account. This would take a day or so. After several days without word from anyone, I called customer service again, and again going through the gauntlet of automated questions I asked for a supervisor to find out why no one has contacted me as yet.

He told me that it could take several weeks for their tech support to contact me regarding my accessing my account and there was nothing he could do about it.

This is totally unacceptable and unprofessional. I will no longer use my "Sams Club Discover Card" - (Changing to Sams Club Master Card).

If your looking for customer service from Sams Club Credit (GE Capital Retail Bank and changing to Synchrony Bank), forget it!

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