Webb City, Missouri
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After ordering and bringing home a 12x16 print from the Photo Lab I saw that it was clearly defective. A crease ran horizontally through the paper. After going back to Sams and asking for a replacement, I was told that I should leave my print and maybe someone could look at the problem in about six hours later. After much effort I convinced the lady at the Photo Shop to find someone that could reprint my photo immediately.

Johnathan, reprinted my photo and determined that the paper in their print machine was defective. He replaced the paper and printed my photo for a third time. The third photo seemed to be free of defects. However, when I looked at the photo in my car, in the sunlight, it was clear that there were many scratches on it, as if it had been slid into the envelope they gave me while the ink was still wet.

Again, I went back in to the Photo Shop. I had to look through the store to find Johnathan because the woman working at the Photo Shop would not address my problem and claimed to be unable to contact Johnathan for me. After finding Johnathan, I asked him to look at the photo in sunlight with me. He agreed and we went outside. After looking at the many scratches his response was "well you're not going to be looking at the photo in the sunlight are you?" Indicating that scratches on the photo should be perfectly acceptable.

I persuaded Johnathan to try again to print the photo. After two more prints, each one having imperfections, he gave up. Johnathan told me "he might need to call for maintenance on his photo printer."

I suggest taking your prints someplace besides Sams. They do not care about photo quality.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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If you were really concerned about print quality would you bring photos to Sam's club anyway?