Calumet City, Illinois

I been at SAMs for about going on 5 months now, busted my *** off from day one, picking up the slack of the other guys and they're getting the credit for it. A position opened up in our department, full time as Im a part time employee, and everyone would tell me I'm a for sure lock in for the position...

Meaning the other employees, not the managers. But everyone sees how I bust my but to make sure they aren't out of the chickens. Yes the rotisserie position... So the position is open, mind you when they're were 3 of us we were never in first place in our area, competing against other clubs, and as soon as they let the full timer go, I was getting full time hours breaking my back for this bs company, I brought them into number 1.

Now all employees know that when a position opens up and your interested, make sure it's in your current interest not your future goal... I made sure it was in my current interest and everyone who applies for that position is suppose to be given an "equal opportunity" and given at least an interview, I was not!

I came into work and about a month after only having 2 of us, this guy from another department was standing there waiting for me to train him because he was given the full time position... Way to follow procedure SAMs!

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Biggest problem in sams and american retailers is hiring friends or unqualified people to do half hearted work.

I would tell that full timer to have someone else train it is not your responsibility to train unqualified individuals. Have the manger train them if they think he is so qualified to take a job you are qualified to do


Unfortunately, some stores have a 6 month policy for advancement. You may have fallen just shy of being able to be promoted.

It's a shame and the managers can twist that policy, but if you got a rule stickler.... :sigh