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Saturday 07/06/19 stopped in at Sams Club and there they was again with their pets in baby stroller. I'm getting so sick and tired of having to shop for my food with dogs and cats.

The store was in Evansville IN and I called them to find out their policy about pets in store. Other than service dogs (which I completely understand) no pets allowed in store. Why isn't this policy being enforced? Sams always have people standing at entrance and exit at all stores, so you can't tell me no one saw this person come in with her dog.

If your afraid to tell people to leave or no pets allowed than your not doing your job. If your afraid of losing a customer than you already have, ME. Some people are allergic to cats, dogs and others animals.

Maybe when Sams and Walmart get their a__ _ sued off for allowing this to happen it will stop. Lets hope it's not to late after someone gets sick or some small child gets bit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Unfortunately they by law really can’t do anything about it, federal law says they can ask if it’s a service and most people will say yes even when it’s not so even if it’s clearly not a service animal but the owner says it is by federal law the stores can’t say anything


The next time you see someone with a pet in the store and it is apparent it is not a service animal, complain immediately to the store manager.


Poor answering...think twice next time. Please check and understand on what you know and also what you Assume to know. Thank you


I believe in order to have a service dog proper paperwork needs to be in hand. The same goes for taking pets on planes.

These stores just need to grow some and ask for documentation. Just flew with person who had small dog, they provided documentation.

All I'm saying is some places it's okay. Around my food that my family and other people consume is not.