Saginaw, Michigan

Not many people I know are plus members. At first, the plus membership was a great thing.

you got tons of benefits in all areas of Walmart, and that's going away. The workers are told to lie to customers about the things they buy. The reason being is they are getting rid of instant savings for sams club, and the discover card. And in place of it putting up master card, and cash back.

the cash back replaces instant savings, and you have to spend 500 dollars to get a measly 10 back.

and only on their special products. I am pissed off about this, and I found out because I was able to come to the meeting due to my friend working there.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Membership.

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No more cash back rewards for NON plus members? My Sam's club Mastercard has my accumulated rewards balance, however it is not available!

Only upon increasing to this plus membership, will they become eligible! What nonsense, no more renewals since some of their prices are more then Walmart!


You have until the end of the membership to return it. If you didn't do it in that time that is on you.

At $55 you have 365 days to return it, that is a long time.


I am on the phone right now with Sam's club. I paid $55 extra for a plus membership in 2013 and got NO rewards.

The 1800 number will not refund the $55 difference from the Plus Membership since I was basically scammed. No more Sam's club renewal for all.


You are slightly misinformed. It applies to all items except highly regulated items like gas, tobacco, alcohol, and milk. For businesses that buy $1000 worth of candy and snacks for there store a week they will hit the $2000 reward cap easily.


Sams club prices are no better then shopping at the local food store and you do not have to buy in bulk. I shopped at sams for years and thought I was getting a good deal about the only things clearly cheaper are MILK everything else can be bought anywhere else for less and you do not have to pay a fee to shop at those other stores!