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I have complained to Sams Club headquarters about the Sam Club on Aurora Ave in Seattle, WA, directly, but that did not seem to get the job done. It seems that the manager in this store just does not understand the need to be able to check out when you buy a product. Standing inline about 7-10 customers deep with only two checkout lanes open does not work. Of course it is bad enough with them being slow to begin with and if there are any exceptions during the checkout process, the checkout line becomes a parking lot like being on the interstate during rush hour. Checkout of any store is a service that the store needs to have down to an efficient process so that they can sell their products and make a living. Well, so you would think this is the goal of selling products in any store, making money. If you cannot checkout you cannot sell the product and make money. Worse yet, you lose customers when you have 2 out of 3 walking out due to poor process by the checkout clerk, and poor management.

I was told the last time a little more than 2 months ago that they have some new hires in training and were trying to fill about 10 possible positions. Well it seems that nothing has changed and i think it is time for the manager to come out and get the job done or turn his position over to someone who can do the work. Maybe this is a fault with the Walmart company too, but i have rarely had this issue in a Walmart store. Costco, Sams club competition seems to not only handle more checkout customers, with more checkout stands open with two clerks at each checkout and the process goes pretty quickly most of the time.

Years ago, a company called Zayres, had a policy that if there were more than 3 customers in any and all lines, they would open another checkout stand right away and i never had trouble checking out. Publix, out of Lakeland, FL, was always good about making sure you were able to check out. I personally do not undersand the problem in making it easy for you to checkout and purchase the products you intend to buy in any given store.



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Shopping at another store would be easy if other store carried the products you purchase at any given store. I had the option of dropping my membership this year and of course did not since i cannot replace the products i purchase there with an equivalent source. costco is similar, but not the same as Sams Club.



Go shop elsewhere then.