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AMEN! This Sam's Club is rude to their members, we jokingly call it the Nazi Sam's Club because of how you are treated to just get in the door or get out the door.

They demand your card at the door, making you rummage through your stuff and then you have to put your card back and then you have to dig it back out again when you have to use it when you check out and then you walk a couple of feet and have to wait again to have your receipt checked that you JUST checked out while juggling putting your membership card and credit card away but can't put your receipt away until you are walking out the door (like people can 'steal' items within 10 feet of just having them checked out with employees doing the checking out or standing there watching). They have no concept of the customer PAYING to shop there and not liking to be continually inconvenienced on top of it with attitudes on top of it. They have no clue what a 'customer' really is. They also think that people are *** and will fall for the 'card' being demanded being viewed as though it is truly a super-special thing to pay to shop there.

You can view their stuff online...just don't try to get by the door person!

Personally tired of it. With a Costco in the area you'd think they would wise up.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Never understood why anyone would pay to just get in the door to a business. Best to avoid anything to do with Walmart in the first place.


sounds like a lighter version of what happens at airports----innocent ppl being inconvenienced for the greater good


Have you ever been to Costco? Or another Sams Club?

They all do the same thing.

Your complaint lacks validity. Sorry.


"This Sam's Club is rude to their members, we jokingly call it the Nazi Sam's Club"

Right?!? Because NOTHING is funnier than joking about something where millions and millions of people were murdered, right?!?

HAHAHA. You are hilarious!

While not as idiotic, if you know you have to show your card frequently, why are you pretending like some deep hidden treasure in the ocean?

Keep it ready if you know - which you said you know - that you will need it frequently. Not that I would accuse you of being intelligent, but that seems like something even you could understand.


As long as people continue to put up with such behavior, and continue to shop there, that sort of thing will continue.

Now that you've publicly expressed your disgust with their behavior, stop shopping there. Don't financially reward these businesses who insist on treating customers badly.