Fort Worth, Texas

I ordered 20 cases of poinsettias from you on 11-02-12 to be delivered on 11-29-12. On the pre-order receipt the order number was 5340.

When I called the 888-767-7726 number and spoke with a rep., he said there was no such order number, so I thought I had straightened it out. But no, on the next order number on my Holiday Pre-order receipt, there was the same number. So my husband called and spoke with another rep., and she too said she had straightened it out. Again, the same number came up.

So we called our Sam's Club on Anderson Blvd. Ft. Worth, Tx. and they said to just wait and see if they come in.

So on Nov. 29, I went to pick them up with 3 men from my church, and they were not there. My complaint is that no one knows what they are doing at the 888-746-7726 number.

Also, it looks like my Sam's could have done something other than say, "Let's just hope they show up." I would like to hear from someone in regards to this matter.

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