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I purchased a Burkhart 7pc dining set, and within a week one of the chair legs broke. By the end of the month another leg broke.

I went to my local to file a claim and each time I was told that I just missed the rep. When I did speak to her a few weeks later, after several attempts, she informed me that I need to return the set. This is NOT an option because I rented a truck to get the set home, paid neighborhood boys $20.00 each to unload it, and it took my husband and I 2 days to assemble. I would have to disassemble it, get it loaded, rent a truck to return it, and I really like the set.

I was given customer services contact number, and that was the beginning of he@@! I have explained my problem three different times to three different reps( Keith, Frankie, and Sylvia). Each time I call them, because no one from SAMs Club has ever tried to call me with any solution, I have been told that it has been flagged as resolved. HOW and With Whom?

They say oops it was placed in the wrong category(stock reply - code for we are going to run you around this wheel until you stop calling us and take the loss). Finally, on the last call I asked for a supervisor.

I waited and waited, so long that an agent picked up and said "They are all busy with customers like you. Call back or continue to hold indefinitely." This is from a company with which I have 15 years of paid membership.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Membership.

Monetary Loss: $650.

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Of course you have to return the whole set. You bought it as a set, so they can't give you a refund if you only return part of it.


The poster never said she wanted a refund.

I believe she just wants the broken chairs replaced; that is not an unreasonable position.