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I placed an order to be delivered before father's day. It never arrived by the 15 as stated on my confirmation of payment. Needless to say, I had to then tell my husband about the gift we purchased for him, that never arrived. I called Sam's Club online to find out what was going on with my order and was then told it would be here by Monday the 18th, if not no later than Wednesday the 20th. All of those days have come and gone. Why would the customer service person give those dates? why would you web site tell me it would be here by the 15th. We had a crew come out to put together a shed - that wasn't here. We sent the crew home.

Why has no one called to let me know what is going on with my order? Where is the "Customer Service"????

I am extremely unhappy with Sam's Club. I went in to my local Sam's Club to talk to customer service in person- they said they could not help me. They said that Sam's Club online was a separate entity of their own.

So what I gather is - you have my money, I have no product, the online portion of Sam's club is unorganized and uncaring about their customers. My local Sam's club says it's not their problem and they can't help. I don't know what my rights are at this point - but I will be looking into my options. I don't know if I should ask for my money back or wait this thing out. I do know I will never order from Sam's club on line ever again. - Right now I want to cancel my membership. I am beyond frustrated. I feel ripped off and unimportant.

******Update -

The order finally arrived. I scheduled the crew to come back out and put together the shed. They began unpacking the items and realized the bottom box was taped together previously before arriving at our home. They opened the box and realized the grooves or slats were crushed. Some were broken. They would not be able to be put together securely. I called Sam's club customer service for online. I spoke to a supervisor, informed me I had 2 options, 1 return it and get my money back, 2 I could exchange it. I asked if we could repair it, maybe it would hold with some sort of super industrial strength adhesive. I ask if it was possible to get a discount. The supervisor said "No", those were my only 2 options. I have come this far in waiting, I told him we would just exchange it. The very next day I receive an email stating the order has been cancelled. I called customer service again - asking if there was any way to re-order, she said "NO - the item is low in stock. I asked when they would be arriving to move the pallet from my driveway, she did not have access to that information. She gave me a new reference # 112322291 which was to replace an old reference # of 130366321 - also the return reference # had changed for whatever reason, 11232302 to replace an old number of 1303663219. She said I would not be refunded until they showed up to pick up the shed. ??? So it literally could take another 15 - 20 days like last time.

Maybe I will have a refund by August? Then I can take that money and purchase a shed (father's day gift) at Menards. And hopefully have it up and putting it to use before the kids go back to school.

Sam's Club online has not been fair or professional. I will copy and paste this email to BBB to inform other consumers of my experience.

I expect my money back within 10 business days, plenty of time to get a truck out here to pick up the damaged merchandise.

***Update - they have ignored all of my emails and have not picked up the broken shed. I am out $1200 until they pick it up. I will post this everywhere.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Membership.

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