Newton, Kansas
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We purchased a laptop at a Sam's 2 1/2 hours from our house. When we purchased the laptop they guaranteed if there was anything wrong with the laptop it would be returnable to any location.

When we arrived home we found it to be password protected. We called and they didn't have the password. We asked if we could bring the laptop in to see what they could do. They told us that no matter what they would not return the computer.

We asked to speak to the store manager.

She said that it was not cost effective to return electronics and hung-up on us. We called corporate and they were of no help besides being able to file a formal complaint.

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I don't believe Sam's Club said that, it is right in their guarantee policy that it can be returned for any reason. Personally I have experienced returning things several times and it is always easy.


Sanford Sam's Club #4785


Try doing a factory restore. If it is HP model at start up press the f8 or f11 key and run a restore.

the factory restore is at the bottom where is wipes everything off and reloads everything.

It even wipes out the old password. It takes about 45 minutes to fully restore a laptop or desktop.