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Several weeks ago we went to SAM's Club and on exiting the warehouse my 5 yr old daughter asked checker at the exit door for a happy face on her receipt. The individual flat out (in a rude manner) refused. My daughter was upset and we called to complain to Manager. The manager (Richard M) apologized and mentioned that he would talk to ask for him the next time he would do something for my daughter. We were not looking for anything just wanted to ensure that there was a courteous person at the exit door.

In mentioning the experience to some of our Family members and other folks from work, they clearly pointed out the individual at this Sam's Club that refused to do this. Seems she does not do this as a standard practice. Perhaps, this is not the person I would want at the Exit door representing Sam's Club. I'm sure a more suitable position would be available to her where she would not have to deal with customers and away from Children.

On 5/30, we went to the same SAMs Club again (on Winchester and Germantown). While in line we mentioned our last experience to one of the supervisors while we were in the check-out line. She mentioned that they were not required to draw a happy face on a receipt. As we ex and the same person pretty much ignored my daughter's request for a "happy face" on the receipt. We asked for the manager because we saw the same individual at the exit door, but the manager was busy and could not come see us. In exiting, my daughter politely asked "Can I please have a happy face", yet the person did not even acknowledge her request and simply annotated a mark the receipt.

At this point, my daughter was a bit upset. I immediately went to the manager who said that he had received two complaints about that person that day and could not do anything since he was not her Direct Manager. I wish he would have told me this the last time I called. I immediately returned all the products I bought and will no longer buy anything from SAMs Club again. We used to shop in SAMs Club not only in the US but also in Mexico as we do business in both countries.

I understand that refusing to draw a happy face is not a performance issue when counting products and matching them on what is in the receipt. But the refusing a polite request from a 5 yr old girl n a rude manner is clearly reason to not have this person representing SAMs Club n a customer facing position.

Lets' just mention that with our family SAMs Club now has 13 upset customers and less business in the US and Mexico.

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I am sure those clubs dont miss your money so boo *** who!!


I used to work @ Sam's Club, and I will tell you that they put the most mentally challenged person with zero social skills on the exit door. Can't quite handle taking shrink wrap off a pallet? we'll put you on the exit door! Can't stock because you get distracted by shiny things? Receipt checker it is!! In my store, a guy came in & cut the barcode off 30 dollar lamps and put them on 2k TVs and got 3 TVs for 90 bucks...walked right by the 'tard at the door.

Bottom Line.....The person working the door at your local Sam's Club a) probably CAN'T draw a smiley face and b) hates every part of their life, so doesn't care if your kid is happy.

You expect too much, and you are a crazy mom.


"I will stil go to Sam's, but if this happen to me, I can see me react in a similar way!"

This just proves another person would raise a brat to think everything goes her way.


I don't know whether to :grin or :cry This post is so odd!


Lady, your nuts...


You should invest in some highlighters and white paper for your 5 yr olds happy needs, or even better smiley stickers. Get real woman, I can just imagine how much of a pain in the *** you are, it's not part of the door greeters job, all you were doing was probably holding up the line at the door.


While it does not take that long to make a happy face, the real one acting like a five and the actual person throwing a temper tantrum is the mother here, by returning everything she bought just for some small thing. If the child is a brat and threw a tantrum it is from obsering her mother.

GT, I am sure some of these posters have children.

Unlike you and the OP they are able to teach the child that they cant get everything they want. The op acted like a child herself.


Wow! Do the people commenting on this have kids!?

People! Of course it's not the case of "my child was abused", but a simple request for a smiley that most places do met with a rude response? That is bad. I cannot believe no one seems to be sympathetic..

obviously you never had a child and noticed their little heart broken... No, the child is not a Brat - she probably did not throw a tantrum.. but even if, at that age it's perfectly understandable... I would certainly say that the person checking the receipts is not a good customer facing person..

I wonder if that parson says "Thank you, please come again"... I will stil go to Sam's, but if this happen to me, I can see me react in a similar way!


You are the stupidest person I believe to have ever posted something on this site. I cannot fathom the time wasted to 1)post this and 2) to actually complain about it.

People like you have way too much time on their hands. RIDICULOUS!


Sounds like someone needs to put on their Big Girl panties and learn that you don't always get what you want....MOM!


Your daughter sounds like a spoiled brat. I guess it is genes since the mother is a spoiled brat as well.

The apple does not fall far from the tree. Manni, I don't think the employee was rude. The mother is just claiming this cause she did not get what she wanted. Someone needs to tell your daughter no, they can't always have her way, unfortunately it is not you.

Your daughter saw you throw a temper tantrum because of this.

Thanks for raising a brat. I think you were more upset about not getting the happy face than she was.


:grin That was amusing... get a *** life and get over it.

Your little girl needs to learn that sometimes in life things aren't always pretty and people aren't always nice. why don't you draw a *** happy face for her.


if i was the person at the door i would of gave the girl a smiley face. in permanit marker right on her hand. complain about that..................


Buy a pen and make your own happy face on the (*&()&@# receipt!

People like you who whine over *** stuff like this make me sick!


WOW! You wasted an hr shopping only to return everything because your spoiled brat didn't get a happy face on the receipt?? You need help!


WOW! You wasted an hr shopping only to return everything because your spoiled brat didn't get a happy face on the receipt?? You need help!


Well I can understand this from both sides , as I work in a customer service oriented field, and closely with children. On one hand , I agree with you that the employee should not have been that rude , especially to a five year old .

Sometimes that little extra thing you can do for a customer can go a long way .

However, you yourself said it was not a requirement and depending on the person, your 5yr old is not always going to get her way , and that's just part of life. While I do agree with you that this person's people skills were not as good as they should be working in that position , I don't think it is cause to not shop there just because your daughter heard the word no


Are you for real?Get a life.I am not shopping there anymore because I didn't get a happy face?***.


You're kidding right ?? You're not really so upset because someone refused to powder your spoiled brat's butt are ya ?

I'm sure that Wal-Mart and Sam's Club aren't going to miss you - why don't you and that *** nurse start your own store... :cry