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they required patients to fill out a personal health sheet when i had already filled it out on the first shot visit and also had the information in the computer that i had filled out online. when i expressed my not accepting to fill out the paper they said they couldn't give me the shot then..

so i filled out the paper and went back to the counter where i restated that it was unacceptable to refill out the paper.. i called the paperwork *** and not necessary. suddenly the pharmacy manager was in front of me and stated because i had cursed a member of her staff she gave my paper and id card back to me and said they were refusing to give me the second covid shot.... i then left and went to another sams club and was in and out in 10 min..

of course with the same paper. but didn't say a word about it.

User's recommendation: avoid the pharmacy at store 8177 which is at 5101 S Pecos Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89120.

Location: Henderson, Nevada

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You deserved to be turned away. You have no clue of the legalities involved, yet you opened your fat mouth. Then you had to curse like an animal.

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