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Today at the Sam's Cllub in Tucker Ga, I got off work at 8pm and hurried to Sam's Club arriving at 8:15pm (they close at 8:30). I got out of my car and an associate gathering shopping carts told me they close at 8:30... I smiled and said yes I know. Then he said "well, what time do you have?" with a horrible attitude, and I yelled back 8:15! He then cursed at me!!!

I tried to ignore this but I will be calling the store manager tomorrow morning. I bought what I needed and was back at the car at 8:30.

Is this how they train people to work at Sam's Club???

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Manager.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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12.13.2011. Agree.

Sam's Club Tucker, GA. Called for information via telephone. The person I spoke with was very rude and quickly slammed the phone down before it was taken from my ear. Called back and asked for the store manager to file a complaint.

I was left on hold 2 times, the operator apologized for the store manager not picking up the phone. Shop at this location only if you do not need customer service.

You have been warned! :sigh


You definately should not have been talked to like that. The only explanation I can offer is that parking lot associate is sometimes a position in which associates with special needs are placed in (stores may be required to have a certain number by law). Either way, speaking to a manager is the best way to handle it, so that the matter can be corrected.


The club closes at eight thirty not 8:25 nor 8:29. It is 8:30. Thanks.


You dumb A.S.S.H.O.L.E.!!!!!!! It's *** *** customers like you that hold up the ENTIRE store.

If they close at eight thirty you are beyond *** to come in that close to closing. They don't need ***'s buissness!


Sams must be doing something wrong and it is not the people they hire, must be the stress managers are going thru that reflects into abuse on associates. Was this cart guy by him self collecting carts?

Maybe he was not a cart guy and he had to do his area after finishing with carts. For full timers 40 hours is not enough because before they had one area only and now they have three to six that they must do in not more than forty hours in a week and if they go over 40 they get coached and in the worst case terminated. Also I am not saying the cart guy was right, he was wrong for sure he can just go to the department of labor and file a complaint instead of bringing that attitude to you Dr.

David. Thanks.