Chantilly, Virginia
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I went to sams club in Grandview, MO and did not know that I needed a membership to purchase my items. I had my 7 month old baby with me and my fiancee, I was speaking to the lady at checkout about the membership when an older guy came up behind me and cursed me out for holding up the line and trying to 'get one over' on sams club because I didnt have a membership.

He proceeded to yell at me and call me bulegerent names such as *** and ***. A manager came over and just asked him to move to another lane.

I was very dissappointed in this action, he should have been thrown out after his behavior in front of all other customers and my child. I dont think the workers at sams club handled the situation very well at all and I will NEVER go back to another sams club in the state of MO again...

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Manager.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Whiny *** lady you didnt even have a membership and everyone knows you have to have a membership to purchase there. And then you want to complain about the service you got what an *** you are!


That *** man, I would of got his name and file suit of defamation on him, you have witnesses and video I would think from store. Better be glad I wasn't there he would need some more teeth.


Looks like it should have been you who should have been kicked out of Sams Club. You have a lot of nerve not only to it a lady in public, but to brag about it online.


Typical coward answer. You are very big on your rights but don't care to trample the rights of others.

When you slap your fiancee you are trampling all over her rights she does not deserve to be abused by you.

What she deserves is someone better, and I call her *** also because she is staying with you. It is one thing to stay with you when she is alone, but when a child is involved it is just plain ***.


You would not have been able to do the same thing because as soon as you laid a finger on me I would have you charged with assault. Not only that but if you struck me first I would have whipped your ***.

Shut up loser and stay the *** off my letter. Also *** the reason we needed to go to the membership desk was because our card was expired you ***.

Also learn to read ***, it was not me who left the card home you *** it was my finance, and the reason she had sex with me was because I wanted it. *** lady lied to me and said she would not get pregnant at because of her menstrital cycle.


I don't normally call people idiots, but since you think it is okay to smack a lady you sir are an ***. I would have done the same and the reason the manager did not kick you out was because of your behavior.

Also how long have you been shopping in America. Everyone knows that in wholesalers like Costco, Sams Club, Big Lots, you need a membership. Kudos to that man for standing up to you when you were out of control. Also most peopele wait till they are married before having children.

I just hope your fiancee has the guts to leave you for the safety of you and your child. You did not have to slap anyone. She is not a child that you need to discipline her for leaving the card at home.

Also if you left the card at home why did you need get in line for a mambership. You knew the rules obviously if you had a membership card at home.


whether tha last part is true or fake you rock for posting that


I will be staight forward with you. The only reason the man started cursing at me was because I smacked my fiancee.

He said we should take this outside and see if I would do this to a real man. I had to the *** left our membership card at home again.