Dallas, Texas

Summary: Two separate porcelain Dinnerware sets arrived broken (shattered) due to grossly negligent packaging, i.e. no padding whatsoever, and no markings (eg: "fragile"/ "handle with care").

Sam's Club did refund the auction price upon return of the items, but refused to refund the shipping on one of the sets, as it was marked by the warehouse as having been returned undamaged. Both sets were not just damaged, they were shattered, and frankly, without any protective padding, it is impossible for these items to make it to anyone's doorstep in one piece. All in all I made six phone calls to get a refund of $10.41 for the shipping, a small amount that nonetheless turned into a matter of principle for me. At the end of two of these phone calls I was assured that the refund was issued and I should see it in a few days. It never came through (two months after the beginning of this ordeal).

Customer service agents and their supervisors were reasonably friendly in tone, but seemed unable and sometimes unwilling to provide help, it was like pulling teeth.

I feel so disrespected and violated for indirectly being called a liar based on some log entry that the item was undamaged, and now I'm told I would have to produce visual evidence (pictures) that the items were indeed broken. I'm kicking myself for not taking any pictures when the boxes arrived. With Sam's Club, customer is definitely NOT king. Several hours of aggravating phone calls, re-explaining everything, being promised one thing, than told another, makes one feel like a character from a Kafka novel, a helpless small character against an impenetrable and dysfunctional machine.

I've given up on the small amount they owe me, but I will make *** sure other people will hear about this and know what they might get themselves into. You've been warned.

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What makes you think you are going to get any better at Meijer? The same retail employment pool works at Meijer, Target, and Walmart. The difference is what the companies allow their employees to do and all of them tell their customer service to avoid making returns to save money.


You must remember that Sam's Club is a part of WalMart and as such has no customer service to speak of and few, if any employees with an IQ over that of a potato. I have given up on them and now shop at places like Meijer.