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Does anyone else think that it is ludicrous that Sam's is charging more for some special "plus" membership where you get $200 worth of coupons? I thought I was paying a membership fee in order to receive the BEST price?

If you've comparatively shopped, you'll know that Sam's does not always have the best price on some products. Willing to accept that as many bulk items are not available elsewhere. However, the whole idea of asking me to spend more money in order to save more money at a business who's purpose is to provide the lowest price in the first place b/c of a membership fee is absolutely insane.

Yet, people must pay the extra, or Sam's would discontinue. I must be alone in my amazement at the audacity.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Membership.

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Hello, I have worked at sam's for a long time and I can tell you don't waste your money. All they care about is getting that upgrade and selling the $100 dollar membership.

You shouldn't have to pay for coupons. Costco gives them for free. We have to sell, sell, sell or its your job. How many plus are we at now?

That is all they think about. You could be the worst employee in the world but if you can sell the plus card they love you. That is what it is all about. If you shoppped there everyday maybe you could save a few bucks but you have to figure in order for it to be worth it you at least have to save $60 and a $1 here and there is not gonna cut it.I wouldn't buy it whcich makes it really hard to sell to other people.

I hope enough people get tired of being asked every single time they shop and complain more about it.

The employees are only doing their job and if they don't sell they will eventurally be let go. When i was hired as a part time cashier this was not part of the job , but sadly that is the job now.


Ok guys and gals here goes, the plus membership is *** we as associates are told if we dont have so many a day we will be held accountable what the heck how can a company do this? So we have all these silly contests between clubs to see how many we can get :upset.

They should realize that some members dont have that extra 60 dollars to waste on that *** and you only save on one item not each one you buy. I hear on here some other associates who are a little bummed out join the club I am so sick of being threatened with my job over "plus numbers"... I bet Mr.

Walton would roll over and over at how the companies he founded treat their associates hopefully it will come back and *** them. And management is only worried about padding their pockets they could care less about anything else!!


Hopefully they will repair my vehicle after being damaged in one of their car washes in Springfield. There was no doubt it was caused by there machine and I have 3 statements from very reliable body shops.

I hope they do the right thing. If not spoke with our attorney he is willing to take care of this at the Insurance companies expense. I dont think its Management at Sams but the insurance company. The management have been very helpful.

I did email a letter to CEO of Sams Maybe that will work.

It was Springfield Mo. and the about the above comments, is my Opinion and I hope to soon post a positive outcome.


I see a new survey just came out that says Sam's Club is at the very top of the companies with the worst customer service. Walmart is right behind them.

Anybody surprised by this? Not me!

I told those high pressure sales people they could shove their Plus Membership where the sun doesn't shine. Not their fault because that's what they are ordered to do by *** management but it just rubbed me the wrong way.


Walmart doesn't care any more about you customers than they do us employees. They are so freaking BIG that they think they can just do what they want.

Don't blame us for all the lies and unethical sales practices regarding those Plus memberships. They demand it of us and if we try to be fair and square with customers we are out the door fast.

As soon as I can find another job I'm out of here and I'll never even shop at a Walmart as long as I live. From what I've heard about the founder Sam Walton he would be rolling over in his grave if he knew what was happening in his stores now.


Has anyone demanded their membership fee be returned due to harrassment?

I resent being told, essentially, how *** I am for not upgrading. My wife and I would probably not buy enough to get the extra money spent back in rebate. We like the store here in Chandler AZ but have noticed in our trips (now our third trip since joining) that the prices are not all that much different than Fry's and Safeways located here.

I don't like being asked over and over again but it seems this is a store policy. I think next time I go in I will speak to a manager.


I had the same experience at the Roseville Sam's Club with a bimbo in customer service who lied about what was available and pushed that $100 membership on me. From reading the Sam's employee comments here I can see Sam's regards it's employees about as highly it does it's customers.

Of course with a parent company as Walmart I guess it's what you would expect. Hardly anybody shopping at the Roseville Sam's Club and you can understand why. A poorly managed store with inferior merchandise (even the hot dogs aren't as good as Costo!).

Costco is nearby and even though it's crowded it's lot better and their basic membership is only $50 with no lying to get you to upgrade. I've already cancelled my Sam's Club and yeah that was a hassle too!


I to was employed with Sams as a cashier, I actually enjoyed waiting on the customers and visiting with them while I checked their items out. It all ended because I do not believe in harassing the customer every time they come to the store to shop.

I can recall seeing the same people and asking them a few times, it gets old and is actually not very professional on the clubs part. I chose to quit, rather than sign a contract and keep a daily log of everyone I asked. I can tell the customers are really getting annoyed by being asked, and I cant stand to pressure or persuade them...the loyalty of the members is at stake and sams needs to reevaluate their customers not see them just as paying shoppers.

I actually had severe anxiety over this dilema and didnt want to quit at all, but chose not to be a part of it anymore. I will surely miss the wonderful customers!


For the first time in my life I went to a Sam's Club, in Roseville CA. Friends had told me membership was $40 a year and not a bad deal.

When I inquired about that priced membership the employee told me that was wrong and the $100 Plus membership was all that was available. I questioned that response and she insisted there was no $40 membership and of course babbled on about all those wonderful coupons you got for your additional $60 per year. Reluctantly I signed up at that higher rate. Later I found out she deliberately lied to me in order to sell the higher priced membership.

I don't mind businesses trying to push upgrades but when they lie and don't even give you the option of the lower priced products I get pissed!

To add insult to injury I wrote a complaint letter to the store manager and a month later haven't had a response. No way I will ever renew my Sam's Club membership...at ANY price!


Well, I have been a plus member for about 3 years and was told that the "instant savings" were for Plus members. One day, I realized that the prices were actually "posted" on the products.

I am going in tomorrow to tell them I want it pro-rated and want the 3 months I have left in cash. I will only keep the regular membership. Also, there have not been any "sensible" sales in about 3 weeks now. All I get when I bring up my "instant savings" is that I'm being offered $230.00 in savings, WHICH is 4 different kinds of tires.

Yes, that is what I would save if I bought 4 complete sets of tires!!!!! As far as a cash refund, I have never gotten a dime back, so I don't even know what that's about.


I don't think it's a scam. I sell quite a bit of PLUS and have members that will save over $100 with it by paying the extra.

Then the extended warranty perk is amazing with it and you people are just being ridiculous. You all are a bunch of cheap idiots who hate change.


Well cashier than you need to quit your job. The manager of one of your stores just lost a customer because of the pressure they put on your employees.

Also one of the customers was staring at me when I started holding up the line. She was annoyed at me so I stuck the middle finger in her face and she just laughed.


We as cashiers are as annoyed as the public. We dont like to ask the member to upgrade.

We dont like to push anything that sams offers. Like everyone else we are threatened. The sad thing is we dont even make that much money to push all the things they make us push. I know the public gets tired of hearing about upgrades i am sick of hearing myself talk about upgrades.

I use to love to work at sams now i get sick to my stomach thinking about going to work at sams and harass the public. I love people and I dont feel i am doing my best pushing something that is against my religion. I have high moral values and this spiritually makes me sick to my stomach. I feel sorry for the people.

Hard working business owners who just want to get in the store and get out. Most business owners put up with all kinds of junk all day they dont want to come to sams and deal with that kind of thing. I thought I would be able to go to days from nights and help get the backed up lines down to a minimum. I thougt wrong.

I am going back to nights to get away from the politics of working under strong arm of cos and managers. There is no compassion for anything or anyone. I would have thought that sam's would have gone down to a 20 dollar membership during the stressed economy that we are under. I really dont see anything wrong with that.

People pay to use credit cards usually 30 to 50 dollars a year and they dont complain about that. If they would go to a 20 dollar memebership to help the businesses while time are hard when things get better you will have their respect. All that would do would increase volume and sales and they wouldnt have to worry about any upgrades. I think maybe one time every two months on one weekend open the doors to everyone drive sales up let people know what we have to offer.

The biggest problem at sams is getting people out the door. There should never be longer than a 5 minute wait for a customer.

Let the customer know that you care about them. Come on isnt this America.

Wrong Planet

I've tolerated the harrasment in the check out line for over a year now and I finally got fed up. I spoke with the manager and asked to be put on the "Do not ask list".

I got the exact response that I was expecting. They said it was a corp. policy, their hands are tied, blah, blah, blah. I asked him if it was worth losing a customer over, for which I got no reply.

I haven't renewed my membership but I got to thinking... if they are going to hassle me in line I'm going to pressure the clerk to give me every excrutiating detail of this "benefit", thus holding up the line and making them as uncomfortable as possible.


this is to IT IS A SCAM.i'm a sams club employee too, and i've been "coached" on not selling enough plus, because i think its a scam as well.they straight up tell you in training our memberships are 100% profit, so of course we're going to get in trouble for not asking.you pro-rated at the lowest amount about 3 months before your renewal date,so its *** because you still lose in the end either way.i think the whole guaranteed 200$ savings a year is BS too.and even though its money back guarantee if your not satisfied, good luck with that one.


sams is a business of course they want to make money. no one is forcing you to say yes on upgrading so just say no its not hard. and your complaining about boy scouts how miserable of a life do you people live


Trust me when I say that I agree with you all 100%. I'm an Associate there, and they're planning on Firing me because I haven't been selling Enough Pluses.

Yes people, Sams Club has a Quota for Pluses and Renewals, and WE HAVE TO ASK EVERY PRIMARY CUSTOMER or else the Associate gets Fired. That's why it seems like we're hounding you. Matter of Fact, even if the Associate is asking everyone...if they're not getting enough Plus Upgrades for the Club to Profit off of...They'll fire them. Isn't that Terrible?

Last time I checked we're in a Recession. Honestly, if you're not A Big Sam's Club Shopper or a Business Member, I don't see the point in paying an extra 60-65 dollars on top of paying 40 dollars.


If i'm already paying $40 just to shop there than that should be enough! I get so sick of everytime i go in that store I get hassled to upgrade my card!

They do not care about thier members at all and are only looking out for themselves!

Anyone who thinks paying $60 a year for coupons is a good deal is insane! i'll just go to kroger they will mail me coupons based off what i buy for FREE


I think the Sam's E Savings Coupons are a SCAM. There are a lot more benefits for Sam's Club than there is for the user.

If you have to "buy" the coupons they are making sure "Sam's" makes money. They don't care if you save money. They are in business to make a profit. Otherwise they wouldn't be pushing them so hard.

I went to Sam's this weekend wondering if my $40.00 membership is worth it and they want me to upgrade to the $100.00 membership?? I think not! They don't always have the lowest prices either! To top it off, I got hit up by Boy Scouts selling popcorn on the way out.

I'm not sure that I will be renewing my membership next time around. Not convinced that I am saving money.