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During a recent visit to Sam's Club in Ohio I was denied using our food stamp card. The food stamp card has my husband's name on it but I am the one who carries it. My husband has never used it.

WE have membershipS to Sam's Club. I am the Primary card holder. When I came home I emailed Sam's Club. I received an email stating I could use the food stamp card WITHOUT my presents since we both have memberships.

I went 2 weeks later and ran into the same problem. I told the manager about the email. After a few minutes of discussion he let me use the card without my husband but told me the next time my husband would have to be with me. The manager told me my information was wrong. The information came from Sam's Club though.

I can understand the using of someone else's Sam's Club card but considering BOTH of us have Sam's Club memberships and we are husband and wife. It just doesn't make since to me.

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If married there should not b a problem


Wow.... There's not even enough info here for you guys to properly make an opinion.

The bit of info you're missing is whether they have applied together or just her hubby for the food stamps.

If together, they only print one name on the card, and it's typically the male. And if that's the case, they applied together(because why wouldn't they, they're married...,) both can use the card.


You can't use a membership card not in your name.You can't legally use a credit or debit card not in your name.You can't legally use food stamps not in you name.You see a pattern here? The problem is not Sam's club.

to Rey #1440899

Seems someone tried to explain that below and got ranted at

to Rey #1444337

I disagree.With permission yes you can.If MARRIED YES U CAN!


Some people just wants to make things hard for people...


No one has ever asked me if my name was on my card. Not at any store?

to Confused321 #1441666

Me either. I go into Sams and when I check out i slide my membership card scan my things and slide my snap card and go home. If you have the pin then 9x out of 10 you have authorization to use it especially if you are married to the person.


Has ANYONE here thought that because HER NAME isn't on the Food Stamp card, she is NOT ALLOWED to use it? After doing some research (which I would recommend people DO instead of assuming), only the person whose name is PRINTED ON THE CARD is allowed to use it.

This woman is NOT the person on the card, NO MATTER if she's the one that holds onto it.

I have no issues with using food stamps (I do know people who do have them)-I'm merely setting the record straight. Sam's Club is in the right here-they even bent the rules to accommodate her once (something Corporate could REALLY come down on them for) and told her the truth.

to Curious #1379658

When someone is applying for SNAP they're asked to provide the name of anyone else who might be using the card. Aka a care taker or maybe a wife ....

Do more research. They didnt bend any rules for her they just didnt know them and complicated her day :(

to Anonymous #1380301

Show where you got that. I actually ASKED someone who HAS the thing.

to Curious #1380665

Yes, when you apply you put everyones name on the application but its only one card per family.

to Anonymous #1440435

This is correct!!

to Anonymous #1441665

Yes it is correct. Someone else can be an authorized representative.

I know because I get them. And second of all i was married once and my name was on the card. My ex used my snap card and debit card for other reasons and his name was not on either. Not application not on checking account anything.

The police were called and guess what I was told you are married and regardless of the matter what is yours is his until you are legally divorced or seperated. So even if her name is not on the card legally it's her card.

to Curious #1386929

If you know someone who uses food stamps then maybe you should asked them to look at their card. 1.

If the card doesn't have a photo ID on it then it should state that the card IS valid without one and 2. On the back of the card written in bold, black letters it states that "This card may be used by ANY household member." So if you were indeed just setting the record straight then maybe you should have done a little more homework.

to Gigi #1386935

Did you ever stop to think I actually DID?! From the person I spoke to's CARD: "This card is ONLY to be used by the person whose NAME appears on this card".

So don't tell me I didn't do any research. You know what they say about assuming right?

to Curious #1400852

You are incorrect. You can put someone down that is allowed to use your card for you.

I used to get my grandmothers groceries for her. I was NOT on her card, but I was listed as someone who could use the card.

to Curious #1418757

Naw your wrong. I have a card with 4 people included my husband and 2 kids, only MY name is on the card, but he may use it as well... they include the household of which receive the benefits.

to Gigi #1402880

Well said you!

to Anonymous #1403008

Whatever-not going to waste my time dealing with people who can't accept something that was written ad verbatim from someone who HAS a card

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