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During a recent visit to Sam's Club in Ohio I was denied using our food stamp card. The food stamp card has my husband's name on it but I am the one who carries it. My husband has never used it.

WE have membershipS to Sam's Club. I am the Primary card holder. When I came home I emailed Sam's Club. I received an email stating I could use the food stamp card WITHOUT my presents since we both have memberships.

I went 2 weeks later and ran into the same problem. I told the manager about the email. After a few minutes of discussion he let me use the card without my husband but told me the next time my husband would have to be with me. The manager told me my information was wrong. The information came from Sam's Club though.

I can understand the using of someone else's Sam's Club card but considering BOTH of us have Sam's Club memberships and we are husband and wife. It just doesn't make since to me.

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My Sam's club card has my married name but my EBT card has my maiden name. Will I be able to get into Sam's?

to OfficialBiddy #1682613

That would be something you'd have to ask Sam's-or do a web search on.


In Ohio, you have free use of the card if you are on the Food Stamp case. Doesn't matter if it's your name on it or not.

Anyone outside if the case can only use the card if given permission by a member of the case and if it is being used for the members on the case and not for anyone who is not on the case. I have EBT, I live in Ohio, and I talked to more than one caseworker making sure this is the case. So.

The Sam's employee is in the wrong as of 2017, 2018, and 2019. I hope they were retrained or let go.


Instead of buying the membership, save that money, stop using food stamps, and go shopping somewhere cheaper :)

to Liz #1647290

This is a rude, ignorant, and over all dim witted comment. A Sam's membership for some families is a money saver in and of itself and this commenter, while they clearly don't grasp that, is doing nothing to contribute to this discussion and is instead acting like saving $45 in a one year period is going to stop someone from needing EBT.

Clearly they don't understand how the system works, nor how money works or budgeting. This might not be te commentor's fault, but it's still IQ lower and headache inducing to read this level of wtfery.

to Clara #1668976

Yea this person is correct. Buying in bulk is much chea2

to Clara #1682983

Says the person MAKING a rude, ignorant and overall dim-witted comment (and who apparently doesn't understand proper punctuation and grammar). Look in a mirror and stop projecting how you are onto others.

to Clara #1696559


to Liz #1653839

Wow the nerve of you this woman and her husband do not need you slandering them for being low income a 45 dollar membership can be paid for by many people being poor doesn't exclude you from that the fact that sams club has bulk savings buys should clue you into her shopping there saves her money more than likely with her budget she doesn't have many stamps to spend to start with why don't you go choke on something stiff or take it up the fannny and maybe eat a damn Snickers bar before running your rude mouth I mean the nerve of some of you people on here

to You got something stuck in your woohoo69 #1668977

Totally right

to Liz #1682948


to Liz #1696557

Many veterans and elderly use SNAP i.e. food stamp benefits to make ends meet. People have a right to shop where it is most convenient.


They give one ebt card for the family. Unfortunately they don't put everyone's name on it.

The manager needs to be retrained. He needs to look into the welfare program because he doesn't know what he is talking about.


I came across these post searching for information for a food stamp (SNAP) recipient. I am a retired caseworker (worked for 30 years) for the Department of Public Welfare (now referred to as DHS).

I was responsible for determining applicable policy in the dissemination of cash, food stamps (SNAP) and medicaid benefits. Just to clarify, all persons that buy and prepare food together are required to be in the food stamp household together. Spouses and children under the age of 22 that live in the household are required to be included in the food stamp household, whether they eat with the family or not. Only one person is assigned as the payment name.

That person is responsible for the use of the card. However, there are circumstances where someone else needs to be able to purchase with the card as well. (You can set this up for anyone that you are buying food for) The process is to contact your DHS Office (welfare office) and tell them you (the payment name must do this) wish to have the person who is going to be shopping also, be an authorized representative in your case. They will tell you what you need to do.

A second card will be issued to that person with their own pin number.

This will allow legal access and usage of the card for that person on your account. Hope this helps!

to Deborah Stephens #1668979



I went to sam’s Club today 6 /18/18 just like I do every month I shop for my son in same house hold but a new worker she started working at sam’s In April 2018 would not let me use his card , she took my cart of food and went and put my food away . Oh God where’s a attorney I want to sue

to Debra Boggs swayzee indiana #1546970

You should. That's not right.

to Debra Boggs swayzee indiana #1668980

That's rude


If married there should not b a problem


Wow.... There's not even enough info here for you guys to properly make an opinion.

The bit of info you're missing is whether they have applied together or just her hubby for the food stamps.

If together, they only print one name on the card, and it's typically the male. And if that's the case, they applied together(because why wouldn't they, they're married...,) both can use the card.

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