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I work for a company that has a business account with Sam's Club. I have recently taken over supplies duties and entered a Sam's Club for my first time, card in hand. Having never been there before, I wasn't aware of the rules and customs that come along with being a 'member.'

The greeter never smiled or used a tone that was even remotely polite. I didn't know that you had to show your members card immediately though the door. Instead of asking nicely, she demanded to see my card. After I showed it to her, she didn't respond. I then started looking for carts, which are aparently left outside the doors. As I walked to get them, she scoffed under her breath like a teenage girl: "You'd know that if you actually had a card."

Now I'm sure this isn'ty part of the business model that Sam's Club was looking for, but it certianly gave off a horrid first impression. Needless to say, I will never shop there again. As a 'club' that only allows members to shop, greeters should not only be friendly, but assume that not every single person walking through the doors is already a member.

Customer service retains customers when done correctly. When not done correctly, people find sites like these.

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I actually have to agree with that last comment posted. I am actually a greeter at a different Sams Club.

Yes, the greeter you encountered was out of line in the way she acted. If any of us were ever that rude to anyone coming in, we would be called into the office almost immediately. That being said, I apologize for your negative experience. However, there are friendly greeters as well.

I work with some pretty great people and some that are not the most friendly people. It just depends on the person. I suggest talking to a manager at that store and telling them about the rude greeter or filling out a comment card and handing it directly to a member of management or someone at the member service desk. They will make sure it gets to someone.

After this, maybe you should try again..that greeter does not work every day...the other ones probably will not have the same attitude. Again, sorry for how you were treated. that was not right at all.

Hope you come back and I hope your next trip is much more enjoyable. Have a great day :)


Ya, there are good greeters and bad ones. You have to understand that the job is mundane and repetative.

Not everyone can handle the constant stream of people and maintain good people skills.

I'm not appoligizing for the door greeter you encountered, just wondering if you were in her shoes could you handle her job and still be friendly. Now that you know the rules maybe give it another chance.