Boston, Massachusetts

Customer Service in the Meat Department was horrible, he was young and thin with brown hair and a beard!......My husband and I asked if he could cut a prime rib for, he said they didn't have Prime Rib, and that it was too bad for us, he never apologized for not only the rude comment, but not for having it, how can they not have Prime Rib Roast??.....We will NEVER go back there ever again, very poor customer service, you don't talk to people like that, whether you are having a good or bad day!!!..We are pissed!!.

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Sams Club doesn't keep "Prime" quality meat in the store. They keep "Select" quality meat.

You can get a Select Rib Roast if you like. My boss told me that if people ask for "Prime Rib" to ask if they want a "Rib Roast" and when they said yes sell them the Select "Rib Roast". Anyhoo, no "Prime" except for a packaged preseasoned and precooked Prime Rib Roast.

Its very rare though so you can cook it to you taste. I hear its very good.


Are you sure he wasn't joking. I know several people that might do that, and I wouldn't think it was rude.

Why should he apologize for the fact that the store didn't have what you wanted? You sound like you don't comprehend the fact that they might have ran out.


I had the same problem with the same guy, should of got his name :(