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As previously reported, the GREAT NEWS is that Hearing Aids are finally being made available at realistic prices to the General Public.

Prior to SAM'S CLUB making Hearing Aids available at realistic prices, and I imagine soon to be followed by WAL-MART, the same Company, the best way to secure hearing aids was through MEDICAID, WORKMENS COMPENSATION, DEPARTMENT OF REHABILITATION,OR THE VETERANS ADMINISTRATION.

Most Employers, especially those where NOISE is not involved, do not provide HEARING AID BENEFITS.

As a result, most People had to pay out of pocket.

And who are those People?

Mostly Senior Citizens on a fixed and limited income.

A tremendous number of SENIORS survive totally on Social Security, and the generosity of their Children.

Now, for the first time, Hearing Aids are available to the General Public at realistic prices.

SAM'S CLUB is offering them through their internet WEB SITE: WWW.SAM'S CLUB.COM

Just go to the site and enter: HEARING AIDS in the SEARCH BOX.

The Hearing Aids are being provided by General Hearing Instruments of New Orleans,La.

General Instruments is a long time quality manufacturer of hearing aids in the United States.

Go to their WEB SITE: WWW.GENERAL HEARING INSTRUMENTS.COM for a complete review of their products and policies.

Their toll free telephone number is: (800) 824-3021


General Hearing Instruments is to be congratulated for having the courage to make their products available through SAM'S CLUB.


For additional information call (800) 432-7114 and ask for Eugenia.

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I purchased a Hearing Aid from SAM's Club while I was working

a few years ago. Presently I have severe hearing loss and am


The hearing aid was too big and fell out of my Ear.

Not having any experience with hearing aids before this, I called and emailed Sam's Club of my situation, and received no response.

I paid $300-plus for the hearing aid, and could not get any

kind of reconciliation for my loss. Buyer Be Ware..


all companies have plants in the US and employ americans lots of them


Go to a professional, stock hearing aids have less than 1 percent success fitting rates.


Trying to scare people?

"professional" selling of HA have a high rate of failure!!


I did the Sam's Club purchase...excellent idea. First General is excellent product; Sam's price was very reasonable.

And for those who say you cannot adjust the amplification...I can only suggest you haven't tried it. I adjust for sound all the time. Not an iota of a problem! Smart-mouth-ism ("buy hearing aids where you buy baked beans") is just that 'smart-mouth-ism'" and ignorant of the facts...hardly the result of personal experience.

I bought my aids and beans at the same place, and both were excellent! I suppose you could say I can now pass gas and hear it!

I suppose you could say that...I won't! ;)

Bob S.


Sam Green,

Do you realize that walmart is using General Hearing Instruments to make their hearing aids? This is a US company outside of New Orleans, LA that is probably creating more jobs because of the business. Would you rather them use on of the larger manufacturers that have their hearing aids maid in China?


when we all work for walmart and buy everthing from there. Is that what we want?


I bought a hearing aid through Sam's Club made by General hearing and I also have a expensive one from an audiologist... the one from

Sam's...General Hearing is much better...

so much for the one that cost big bucks... :)


I bought a set at Walmart.com. They work fine for watching TV in the evening and being in a small area for conversation. But if you're in a large space or a noisy restaurant, there not that good.At least they wern't $9000.00, which was Sears price for a set.


gees..... buy baked beans where you buy hearing aids??? Go ahead and ask your postman to cure cancer and write a prescription for your meds.



The only acceptable option for purchasing hearing aids via the internet is through HearSource.com. How could you buy any hearing aid and not be able to adjust the sound settings? With HearSource hearing aids you can do that. You can't with GHI or Sams's Club hearing aids.

Their website is www.HearSource.com

Good luck


Non-prescription hearing aids (like these) from Walmart and Sam's are junk.

I got my hearing aids online at Audiometrix ( www.hearingaids.pro )

For the same price, but mine were programmed for my exact loss, not just some random amplifier.

Mine work great! But like the guy said, if you are not careful, you get what you pay for!


for hearing SPEECH in NOISE.....Nothing is Better than the VOICE IQ also, 100% waterproof! check it out Starkey Hearing Aids

(I have worn them all and this is the REAL thing and the most comfortable and NATURAL SOUNDING and NO Feedback like most all others!!!!!!


Thank you Sams Club and Walmart for doing this. I am 63 and very much in need of aids.

I want to break through the tight ring the the medical industry has around these devices. I think that digital, programmable is the way to go, but i also want (1) some kind of self test system I can use on my computer at home (2) software for my home computer to program my aids (3) rechargable LION batteries? (4) whatever is needed for long term maintenance. I am very happy to purchase aids off-shore if that is necessary.

Send me your thoughts, suggestions... hearing26@gmail.com


I bought hearing aids from there..they didn't work.couldn't hear a thing...you get what you pay for


Yeah..way to go..Walmart is sucking up more jobs...keep on you soulsucking heartless company....pretty soon wal-mart will be the only thing left.


This is definitely a great source for these aids, as is www.shopclarityhearingaids.com because they sell these aids, as well as the ghi programmable types that you can't get at sam's.

I agree, it's about time!! GO GUYS!


For additional information go to:www.hearingaids.samsbiz.com