The phones are starting to ring of their hooks.

Sam's Clubs tremendous offer on hearing aids is generating a lot of traffice...by every measure and in every way.

All quality products manufacatured by General Hearing Instruments, an American Company located in New Orleans,La., who enjoys a long established and well deserved reputation.

See: www.generalhearinginstruments.com

There are supposedly 300 million People in the United States.

About 10% are classified as Senior Citizens.

Of the approximately 30 million Seniors (each having 2 years) about 10% of them, or about 3 million are immediate prospects for new hearing aids.

The primary reason they have purchased them is PRICE.

Now a pair of Hearing Aids are available from Sam's Club, through the Internet, at less than $700 per pair.

The market price, everywhere in the United States, and for that matter the World (including CHINA) is about $7,000 per pair and in some places $10,000 per pair.

Sam Walton would be proud.

Making a needed product, available to the Public.

The Hearing Aids can be serviced locally on a Fee Basis by local Hearing Aid Dispensers.

For additional information call: EUGENIA @ (800) 432-7114



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I compare the hearing aid industry about the same as the Nigerian prince that has millions hidden in an account for you business.Hearing aids are outrageously over priced .

Amplifying a sound wave is a basic technology. Audiologists use basic simple tests that you can even get an I phone app for and do it yourself. A professional Otolaryngologist is an MD and ear surgeon and should inspect you before you consider any hearing aid. Not local Joe the audiologist.

The rest of the hearing industry ........ you don't get what you pay for. You pay tons more than the little piece of plastic is worth. There are also a lot of self appointed experts that are basically salesmen.

Sams club hearing aids for $800 would be quite adequate for the majority of people with slight to moderate hearing loss.A infra-red TV hearing device for $300 is many times better than the best hearing aid ever made, I have them both.


If it were that easy to give good hearing with just any hearing aid off the rack then you would not need hundreds of hearing aid companies, selling a variey of technologies, fit by a very highly trained professional, why not just buy one out of the sunday paper, after you purchase this hearing aid and wasted your money, you will learn that you must go to a professional to get what you need its just not that easy or you could buy one out ot the sunday paper


Seriously?$700.00 for hearing aids which doesn't include testing, adjustment, aftercare or a doctor or audiologist who knows what they are doing and can guide you in making the proper choices?

Had anyone ever purchased something claiming to be superior for a tenth of the price and been satisfied with it? Would you by a brand new car for $2000.00? How about a house for $6,000.00?

Now couple that with the fact that this is your healthcare...I wouldn't have my hair cut in a Sam's club, I am certainly not turning over a facet of my healthcare.


A friend of mine is an AuD and she told me that one of her suppliers Starky was offering a special to her.If she bought 3 of their top dollar hearing aids she got a free iPad.

So, if she took the deal and the next three people that came through her door...what hearing aids do you think she is going to persuade them to buy.....can anyone say the Starky hearing aids...What a scam.. I thought Audiologist had a code of ethics. I guess they did not hear that part in school.

Get it..they didn't hear..:grin

to Simon Denton Naperville, Illinois, United States #945665

not relevent to the topic at hand


There is a difference between the hearing aids sold in the Sams Club stores and the ones on samsclub.com (not the same manufacturers).The hearing aids sold on samsclub.com are the ones made by General Hearing Instruments.

The hearing aids use the same quality parts as the $8,000 hearing aids. The reason they are cheaper is that the service cost of the audiologist is removed. They are definately not junk. Their soft device is made of medical grade silicone, far more comfortable then my custom acrylic molds.

Why can't the rest of the hearing aid manufacturers use this silicone??People that want to pay for $8,000 hearing aids from an audiologist that can get the same quality of product for a tenth of a cost...you get a clue!


Sams Clubs Hearing Aids are the cheapest junk I have ever sold. I have been selling Hearing Aids for years and years now and I can tell you hands down the Hearing Aids I am now selling at Sams Club are with out a doubt the worst investment anyone could ever make. Get a clue people!

Gibsonburg, Ohio, United States #207648

While inexpensive, they also are not programmable to each individual's hearing loss, not formed to each individual's ears, not given the proper aftercare which would include programming adjustments(they aren't programmable to begin with), etc, etc. If cheap is what you want, cheap is what you get. I wouldn't skimp on quality in this area of my life...neither should you


Sam's has greathearing aids, wish I could afford one. I'd like to be able to hear in crowded stores and restaurants or be able to hear the birds and bugs again.

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