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HENDERSONVILLE NC SAM'S CLUB: Making their own return policy regardless of Sam's Club Corporate policy and written in-store policy! All store employees: "can't take back any food items unless in a can due to possible tampering."

My argument is: as long as corporate makes the policies which are posted in the store, no store has the right to make up whatever they want whenever they want to.

All four phone calls to corporate have been very pleasant, call to Asheville NC verifying policy was MORE than gracious, empathetic, invited me to visit them, no hassel. Sam's Club policy on 'unopened dry-good groceries within 30 days, satisfaction guarantee money back.' Second day awaiting call from Corporate regarding issue.

Sam's Club stores are all owned by Sam's Club Corporatioin who make the return policies, but Hendersonville NC manager is blatantly disregarding company policy to make sure returns are limited so they'll make bonuses (anyone can fairly easily figure out what they're trying to pull.) All signs posted are 30 day money back guarantee per corporate policy.'

If you owned ten stores of a small start-up chain retail store and you had a manager who was denying the return policy that you had in place, that would be deceitful and unethical. This is the same situation even though Sam's Club is a huge chain.

I wanted to return a few dry-good grocery items that were in the original condition, unopened as if they never left the store's shelf.

The things the clerk said to me included: "[insert store manager's name] has worked in states where it is a state law that if any food is purchased and has left the club it's non-returnable. It's a state law in S.C. not to return, because, and they don't have problems with people tainting food", and she also stated "There's LOT'S of Sam's Club's out there you can't return food items because it's a state law."

After I left the store I called Greenville S.C. store and they were baffled as to why Hendersonville NC store is saying that, no state law in S.C., Greenville Sam's Club said they'll take it back, no hassel and that's what I should expect from all Sam's Clubs.

This conversation and the return went on for over 11 minutes – I recorded it. They told me they would give me the refund, but would have to make a note that I was informed about the "˜new policy' and there wouldn't be any other food returns after today."

The clerk was like a broken record, repeating the same arguments I'd heard during all phone calls to the HENDERSONVILLE NC and repeating herself over and over again as if it that would convince me to accept their deceiptful practice.

This is second run in I had with HENDERSONVILLE NC STORE: Paid cash (with parent who stood there to get picture taken for their own card issued after other parent, who had the second card on the account, died) and that person obviously pocketed my money and didn't record it so cash-out at end of day would not be off. Did finally reinstate it. Now this!

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Regarding the complaint above, and the comment below it.... Yesterday I went to a Sam's Club to return numerous items, mostly food and mostly non-perishable - all in original packaging and all unopened, with receipt.

I got the hugest run-arounds for over 2 hours, with everyone from the customer service person to the manager (who said that he was the only manager in the store) to everyone I spoke with on the phone. As the person above, I had checked on the website regarding returns and had called the store twice to verify what could be returned, and to verify that I could return the items to a different Sam's Club which was closer than the one where I had purchased the items. Less than half were "accepted" for return. That's when we started going around.

It came down to things like "these were not purchased in this store so we do not have to accept them," "these are considered perishable so we don't have to accept them" (these were items like a box of individually packaged crackers enclosed in a sealed box, an unopened can of tuna, and despite the website saying that perishables could be returned), to, and this came from the asst. manager, "you need a reason you don't want them; we don't have to take them back just because you decided you don't want them." He also wouldn't come to speak to me personally because, as he told me on the phone I was handed, "my mouth has food in it because I'm just getting lunch." Which was great because I drove from Georgia to Florida to this store and I hadn't eaten either, but I guess that's an acceptable reason for the manager. After getting a number of people on the phone through the chain, it came down to, yes, I was correct, it is Sam's Club policy that all items could be returned and any store is supposed to take them, but no one could actually make this store follow the policy. So,no, I (and I'm sure the original complainant above) did nothing wrong in returning items, was not rude or asking for anything out of the ordinary.

When I stated the Club policy (re 100% satisfaction and return) to the manager, he told me that that was incorrect.

Just another example of big business. Needless to say, along with returning my items, I also returned my membership card.


Why are you trying to argue with the attendant? The attendant can't change or disobey policy.

You were just wasting your breathe foolishly. As for the policy, you should be able to return anything dry goods or not. I work at Sam's and people return meat all the time. One time someone returned $1100 worth of fish because their fish fry got rained out.

We couldn't sell it and it all went into the dumpster but that didn't stop us from returning it. I think its you.

Sams is perfectly willing to lie to problem members. We lie to this one thief all the time and I'm sure you did something to deserve the treatment you got.

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