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Introduction THIS IS A LETTER I SENT TO SAMS CLUB BEGGING FOR WHAT THEY REFUSED ME BEFORE! You sold me last year 2 tires BF Goodriches just a few months back.

They charged me 78.00 each plus 30.00 installed. I had no more to pay as my income is very low. Tires made of oil prices of oil has fallen, why have you increased the price? I payed $200.00 for 2.

I did not have the money to buy all 4 at the time as the bill out weighted my income. I need the other two tires replaced now. You won't give me the same price as it was. I begged for a small discount your rude managers refused me.

I was told even though they were on sale this month, I could not have gotten a deal. NO they said had to buy 4 to get lower prices..I'm 88 years old it took me months to save up the money to buy 2 just to replace what I need. Now I can't afford your increase of $12.00 as it would cost me food or medicine I need to live on. Compassion is not just a word but without it you cannot know love in your life.

Without Love you cannot know true joy. In giving you receive that which is needed called Joy of selflessness, that shows you the way to true happyness in life and in love as you serve others. You learn why joy bring new life into your being, through that act you know compassion and love of God which transcends your being more than you now understand. Wisdom come with age teaches us more blessed to give than to receive.

Joy brings happyness and contentment, that bring you peace of mind.

Will you change your mind and help me? Sincerely Yours Pearl

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $13.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Rude help.

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Does it make you all feel good to harass an elder? Pearl wasn’t asking for a handout but to match their previous price on her other 2 tires or grant her the Sales price on 2 tires instead of having to buy 4.

It is not an unreasonable request as it involves a safety issue. The Sams Club Tire Manager has the discretion to match the previous 2 tire prices.There is also nothing in the background photo to indicate she is spending money unwisely, especially since she appears to be sleeping on the floor! You wouldn’t wish that on your mother or grandmother - to be 88 and sleeping on the floor, surely worsening her suffering of arthritis/back pain elders usually have. Elders often end up spending most of their income on medical issues and prescription meds, often eating poorly by skimping on healthy food just to get their needed medicines.

And yes, elders still need cars to get groceries, to go to the doctors, dentists, pharmacies, and church.#1187618 Post - I have neighbors who are 89 & 91 years old who drive better than 21 year olds.

And what Hello Kitty cake? If there was one, you don’t know if the person who took the photo brought her a cake on her birthday.

Irving, Texas, United States #1187617

Do you have enough to buy a $60 Hello Kitty cake instead of tires? are 88. It's time to stop driving.


Big Box stores are rarley the cheapest place to get tires. Find true local shops, not only are they usually on the low end for prices but they will usually work with you better than a bigbox as they have people working there who care about the business name.

At a local shop the workers and I tried to remount a old tire, but once we started airing it up it showed age and dryrot.

I had them mount a new equipment tire, they matched the type I had but I didn't know which of the two types they mounted. They mounted the costlier one, but at the front desk they assumed the guys in back mounted the cheaper one. When I took the tire tag back to the front desk, the difference in cost wasn't enough for them to care to correct it. fell to my benefit.

difference was like 30 bucks.


If you can't afford them then you can't afford them. How long do you think they would stay open if sams gave things away to every sob story that came through the doors.

They can't just give random discounts to every old lady who asks. And if you're 88 and on such a tight income then why are you driving so much?


You're complaining to Sam's that YOUR broke & cant afford tires? So what you're 88!

That isn't their problem and they are not a charity.

Ugh. I've officially heard it all now....

to Anonymous #940530

I think your an *** and need to keep your pie hole shut. There is alot of people like pearl out there suffering just trying to survive. These big name stores jack up the prices on things because they can do to the fact that there is nobody around left to compete with them so maybe someday you might be in pearls shoes and see how it feels to just make it by and when you do, don't say a word!!!!!!!!!


Did it ever occur to you to call other tire places to check their prices? Sam's might not be the cheapest place in town.

Quit complaining about Sam's and check prices at other places. No business has to give you a special discount because you are a senior citizen. Expecting that is what could be called playing the age card. IF you are so hard up, what would you do if your car got to the point that it needed some expensive repair, other than general maintenance?

I am 74 and I gave up my car in 1997 because I couldn't afford the upkeep anymore and I was working at the time. I budget my trips really carefully and depend on cabs for transportation.

Basically that is cheaper than car payments, insurance, and upkeep. Maybe it is time for you to think about giving up your car.

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