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Sam's Club only wants to promote the white people if your black you get stuck with a small *** position.I know for a fact because I have worked with them fore 3 years, never received full time or never got promoted to a new position but every white person came in and got full time or promoted with in 3 months.

They are very racist.

White people come in and treat the black employees like *** and they accept it as if its fine.Word of advice don't support that racist *** Sam's Club they dont deserve to even be open.

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980 of 999 Sams Club reviews

Dec 14, 2015 #1078621

I think she should be fired and arrested. That is what would happen if it was a while person and a black customer

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Haywood Jablome

Dec 28, 2011 #398640

I work at a Sams Tire shop. Im not black but my daughter, her mother, my neighbors and the person who helped me get this job are all black. The white guys in our shop are constantly CRACKING on black people. Everything from their music, clothes, hair, lips, all the stereotypes. These country boys hate ME too cuz I don't play that sh*t and because I let them know it. I've tried to report it but the management says that because they aren't cracking on ME then it isn't any of my business. They just don't want to *** off their tire shop manager because he might quit then they would have to hire someone else. I hate it there but can't quit till I find a better job. Pray for me?

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Dec 19, 2011 #394135

I'm white. I moved to Las Cruces, NM. I have a great resume and great experience as a meat cutter-mgr. I got the run around for over 2 months now from Sam's Club. They tell me just a little longer just a little longer. They never called me once. I always had to go in there & keep showing I was interested. This week they realized I am not in the system anymore because they waited so long my application was ejected from their system. Did it all over again. They said they'd call no later than today. Now it's evening. I know this story already. I realize they are all latino. I just don't understand why I am not acceptable because I'm white. Because of this I intend to move from Las Cruces. I never wish to see this racist town again.

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Oct 18, 2011 #361022

If Sam's Club was racist, then why are 75% of the managers at the Sam's Club in Kannapolis, NC black?? My boyfriend is white and has been working there for 5 years and has yet to be promoted but every time a black person comes in they get promoted within a matter of months. So no Sam's Club is not racist against blacks, they are racist against hard workers!

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Mar 02, 2011 #255673

:( :x :cry :? :roll :eek :upset :zzz :sigh :p 8) ;)

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Jan 13, 2011 #235398

:) :) :) :) :)

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Oct 09, 2010 #198636 Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway

Rosie no one asked for your opinion you n*gger.
Rosie is not educated she only got the job because of affirimitive action.

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happy in my job

Oct 08, 2010 #198535 Desnogorsk, Smolensk, Russian Federation

Wow i can nott belive all of this. I am a black female and i work hard at my job and love it. I know that where i am at is probably where i will be in 5 years because there are no black managers or assistant directors (no other women either) but i do my job to the best of my ablility do not make excuses for anything and maybe one day i will get promoted. People are looking for work loosing their houses no food to eat and this is what we are complaining about lets be happy we have a job. Thank the man upstairs and prove yourself if it does not work lool else where to find employment. If you really feel this is happening no matter what color you are keep note and report it to the eeoc. Because no one deserves to be treated wrong on the job.

Happy in my job not looking for anything until the man upstairs feels i am ready for it.

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Oct 08, 2010 #198525 Khurda, Orissa, India

The only thing I can suggest to you is find another job. If you are giving it your all, you are always to work (ON TIME), and you do your job well, then by all means seek other employment because your hard work may not be appreciated there.
But if you are somewhat a slacker, that could be the reason you are not getting promoted. As a black educated person, I really wish you all would stop crying racism. Although, it DOES still exist, it's not always the source of the problem.

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will w

Oct 08, 2010 #198519 Lachenaie, Quebec, Canada

well how bout racist against my local sam's club in aurora Colorado a group of black people blocked an isle and refused to move,when i said excuse me,a comment that usually is responded to by people at least attempting to move out of the way i was told "no were having a conversation"...with a sample clerk who did nothing but smile.i continued shopping in another isle then returned to ask."am i allowed in this isle now?" i was told "we might let you" upon hearing that i was a little upset so i went to the manager who,at first seemed to want to help.but upon hearing they were black told me he'd deal with it later as he didn't want a confrontation. after turning my card in i called the corporate number i was told id get a call back from a rep. within 2 days. the 2 days came and went so i called back and was told no such complaint was made.
so I'm not challenging that in some parts sam's club might be racist to blacks but in this area their allowed to do whatever they want in the store and it's the white shopper that has no recourse

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To Rosie:

Aug 30, 2010 #183052

With all due respect, if you are "so" educated, then you might want to correct some of your spelling and use of punctuation.

As a white person, I have been cheated out of a promotion because of a black person. This person played the race card and was promoted although I was clearly more qualified and had more seniority. While I had every right in the world to be upset about the slight, I kept my class and dignity in check and was promoted when the choice came down to two white people.

I will agree on one thing you said. Racism does exist. However, racism is a two way street. Whites can be discriminated against just as easily as black people.

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Angry Kelly

Aug 30, 2010 #183034

Quiet you. :cry

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Aug 27, 2010 #181582

I'm an educated black medical professional and after reading the above comments I just had to say something.

Angry Kelly, Tasha, Ruby..really?! :? It's the mentality such as yours that is a major problem. Yes, not every negagtive thing that happens to a black person is due to the color of their skin, HOWEVER, you can't stick your head in the sand and not know that there are incidences when it does.

Not all black people fill like we are owed something, don't want to work for a living or use the race card. Most of us, believe it or not : ) are very educated and love having careers, holding office or owning our own businesses.

The problem is where, as a black person, you hard efforts are thwarted by a narrow minded, bigot, racist or fearful white person who are afraid of blacks advancing...and yes it DOES happen. It's easy for some white to quickly say " owe they feel that we owe them something, their lazy, always pulling the race card, etc.

What should be done is to give EVERY QUALIFIED black person, just like a white person, EQUAL opportunity when they walk in the door. If this would happen you never have to worry about anyone claiming it was becuase of the color of their skin.

Oh yeah, with inflammatory comments you made are not hurtful just sad and actually made me chuckle. Black people are raised to not let racist comments upset
... Show more

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Angry Kelly

Aug 17, 2010 #177113

Stop being lazy you whiny neeeeggggrrrroo. :grin

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Aug 17, 2010 #177106 Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway

I love how you people do nothing and expect things to be handed to you. If they are not handed to you and if you dont get what you want you cry racism. Shame on you.

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Jun 21, 2010 #156059

That is not all they do the Sam's Club at National BLVD Huntsville Alabama the Manager She,has you transfered to another store because you are *** and do not fit in her store.They should be closed down.
plus the way they treat you,no over time but a extra day off,to keep your job when some one is let go,, you have to sign a slip of paper to not testify in court.I think that is wrong,, if you are wrongfully terminated and most time's you are.Then other employees should not be forced to sign anything.

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Sam's Employee

Jun 04, 2010 #150315

This is ridiculious. It's the people that think they're owed something that don't get promoted in this company. It's the people that call into work, or do their job minimally to get by, or are not responsible and respectable day in and day out that DON'T get promoted in this company. try examining your work ethic before you make dumb comments on the Internet. Do you come into work everyday with the intent to get promoted? Do you give your job everything you have, and go above and beyond to perform your job as best as you possibly can? Do you motivate the associates around you and make them want to be better associates? Do you do these things or just expect because you show up you deserve an opportunity more than someone else? It's not about lenght of time in your position, it's about how you perform it!

Sam's Club, Wi

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Dec 27, 2009 #98388

Well, I think it depends. For example, I'm an 18yo Hispanic male, and started working there a week ago, for $10/hr. I ended up finding out, that a 22yo white guy who had been working there for 6 months, was getting paid $9.40/hr. We both have the same position/job description and this was my first job!!! Anyway I don't know how much they pay black people.

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The other white guy

Dec 02, 2009 #91403 Mirzapur, Dhaka, Bangladesh

I agree, racism does exist. But at Sams, the management rotates so friggen frequently, I find it impossible that one black guy could be single out. In any large corporate setting like Sams, if you do your job even romotely well, you get noticed and advance. If you are average or less than, you can count on staying where you are at. I know where I work, we have a real problem right now. The big push is to hire Asians and any race of female. Now dont get me wrong Asians and ladies. I do know that ANYONE of and gender and race can be as good as any other, but because the push is on to hire Asians and any Female, we have an abundance of Asians and moreso females that are not of normal standards for new employees. So maybe its not becasue you are black that you are not advancing, maybe you got hired at a point where the push was to hire blacks. And even though you show up every day, it doens't mean that you are of quality they needed to have promote. Maybe they feel that they are stuck with you. Im not menaing this in a hateful way, i think you should take a good look at whats the real problem. Try and do better, if not, maybe this is not the job for you and go somewhere else. If you find something your happy at, then you automatically will do better and therefore get promoted and work your way up. The old saying: do something you like and you will never work a day in your life!

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Aug 29, 2009 #69274

I works at sambo club to an day say i way to fat cause i like to eat alot. i eay 345 an day say move faster but i cant cause my nees hurtin an my dogs be barkin an im handecap cause my wate is 345 so i sit down alot i need a manage ment position

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