I am pleased to announce, and expose, the fact that Sam's Club is now selling American Made quality hearing aids through the Internet.

Finally, hearing aids at a reasonable price.

2 hearing aids available for about $750 dollars for the pair.

The same design and quality hearing aids are being sold by Medical Doctors, Audiologists, and Hearing Aid Offices for several thousand dollars each.

Now you know how much profit there is in hearing aids, and thats why Medical Doctors are now selling them.

The only problem I see, is that in most cases, hearing aids have to be adjusted by Hearing Aid Dispensers and not all Hearing Aid Dispensers are happy about Sam's Club selling hearing aids.

All the Consumer has to do is to contact an independent Hearing Aid Dispenser and negotiate service on a fee basis.

I believe an office visit for a fee of $100 should make the Hearing Aid Dispenser happy and even if it takes a couple of office visits, the total cost will still be thousands of dollars less than otherwise purchased.

An office visit of 1 hour per visit should be allowed for that fee.

Do not let the Hearing Aid Dispenser try to talk you into returning the Hearing Aids to Sam's Club and buying them from him or her.

Sam's Club is buying the hearing aids from General Hearing Instruments, a long-time, well established, highly reputable Manufacturer, located in New Orleans,La, and they have a toll free 800 number.

Talk to their Customer Service People and they can help you.

If you want any further information please feel comfortable calling me on my toll free number:(800)432-7114.

Ask for Eugenia

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With warrenty and other add ons one hearing aid was over 1600 and 2 months later its not working, so I am heading back to sams we will see what will happen.


Just another way Sams club A.K.A. Walmart steps into an arena they no nothing about. I went to a Sams club Hearing Center and was astonished by how unprofessional they are, I will stick with my Audiologist, at least he has more than two weeks of high pressure sales training.

Center Hill, Florida, United States #52410

For further information visit:www.abchearingaids.samsbiz.com

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For further information and clarification visit: www.abchearingaids.samsbiz.com

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For further information visit:www.abchearingaids@samsbiz.com.

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To find the Hearing Aids just go to Sam's Club website and enter Hearing Aids in the search box.


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