Columbia, South Carolina

To all who may feel the same.. I am a hard working woman (50 plus hrs/week) who used to really enjoy my once/month shopping trip to Sam's Club.

It was a "treat" for my husband and I to browse through the isles, looking for deals, seasonal clearance items, etc. However, something drastically changed last year about this time...Sam's Club started accepting EBT. Since then the 3 surrounding Sam's Clubs (2 in Columbia, 1 in Florence) have severely gone down hill. They have stopped all food "sampling", the restrooms are disgusting and they are severly crowded (good business for Sam's ofcourse).

The only store that is somewhat (the way it used to be) in SC is the Myrtle Beach store which is too far for me to visit on a montly basis. I used to love Sam's but I will be cancelling my membership before it comes due again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Membership.

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First of all to all of you out there ... just because someone gets EBT does not mean they do not work.

People always assume that if a person gets EBT than they are losers, don't work or are on assistance. What about the people who do work very hard but can not get by due to getting stuck in the middle of going from full time to part time because Obama care.

99% of the places do not want to have to pay for medical coverage so you either take the hours you can get or get laid off or worse get let go? Sams Club is not going down hill due to EBT they are going down hill because people who work there and the corporate world just don't care.


The problem with both the Columbia clubs are the EBT slobs who shop there and steal and drive up the prices. Every Sam's Club has gone down in standards since excepting EBT.

They need to stop excepting it and that will bring up the standards again.

2 weeks ago I heard they will be cancelling the program in 2015. Yay!!


I think it's funny that the first comment is probably the type of person to whom this person is reffering to. "We was at Sam's today..." Who starts a sentence with horrible grammar like that and doesn't use any punctuation? Someone needs to go back to school and pay attention this time!


we was at sams today store was clean bath rooms clean iles stocked and that woman needs etes checked elderly and people on food stamps are not the problem get a life... don't blame it on ebt cards.


I was in store today! My wife and I were very disappointed.

Wider isles and less stuff. Not worth the membership fee!!!!!!