Vail, Arizona

my husband and I feel that the main problem with Sams club is not the merchandise but the poorly trained managers; often too young for the responsibility. lacking common sense, and the employees who are poorly trained and not supported with adaquate support.When some one works at the door not wearing a bra and is a size 60, first of all our hearts go out to her, for the pain she must be in back wise, and also probably due to low pay and high expenses cannot afford the item.

When i told the acting mgr about it, she told me in no uncertain terms, that Sams club does not dictate what people wear and that the women had a bra on. So what are the two round bumps at her stomach then. ???She could wear a smoach and that would help as it would go straight down.But t shirts do not work.

She continued to tell me off,declaring I was at fault , and told me to call the 800 number for the district mgr. I had done that and held for over 10 minites and was cut off.

this is not unusual. I am not impressed with Bentonville. Again poorly trained people, and low wages. Arkansas is famous for that.

i lived in Magnolia. I know all about the mentality there. My husband and I are going to go there with scissors in hand and cut up our card in front of her. I cannot believe that they do not realize that the lack of traffic is due to the poorly run store.

As i have said before they have great merchandise well laid out. it is truly backward. Costco should be the poster child for big box discount stores. We go to sams club for just two items , that we use a lot of.

thats it. thank you.

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It is none of your business if she is wearing a bra or not. Besides you have no right referring to the managers as young and untrained if you cannot even write a simple sentence beginning with a capital letter and ending with a period.

This is taught in the first grade. Not to mention your spelling is terrible so it appears that you are the one that is young, uneducated and untrained(in manners). How is the store poorly ran just because someone is not wearing a bra, and the manager does nothing about it.

The fact that your husband is looking at her chest should be more of a concern then her not wearing a bra.


As a sams club employee people tell me they're getting rid of their membership or going to costco, etc. Both me and the managers opinions on that is: bye!

We won't miss you!

We don't care if you shop here or not tbh. And if you're rude we want you to go somewhere else.


I am surprised that the manager didn't revoke your membership due to "sexual harrassment of an employee." It must be difficult being a member of the fashion police.


Don't judge other people unless you want them to judge you. I have enough to do to take care of me without cutting someone else done. So take care of yourself I am sure people can find fault with you.


Why should it matter to you what someone else is wearing? Did you approach the person to measure her?

Did you ask if she had a bra on?

Furthermore, cutting your card up in front of someone like that is very childish. If isaw you coming in with scissors like that, the authorities would be contacted for threat to members and the store.


She could have had a bra on and if she was a size 60 as you say(incidentally did you measure her)and the straps were adjusted so that it didn't lift her *** up. However, it isn't any of your business what she was wearing.