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Every time I bid the bidder list shows a bidder who has placed bid way early than me as the winner even though i tired putting more money than it was showing last time. I think some other people tried as well but some bidder whose bid time was way earlier was at top.

This is a lie or cheating because if sams could show the highest bid being placed we can place more but based on how the bidding prices and bidders are shown looks like the machines in sams club auction system is increasing the price so their set limit than normal people doing an auction. BIG fat lie with waste of time.

Reason of review: Awful cheating.

Preferred solution: Proper transparency in how its working.

I liked: Reasonable price.

I didn't like: Cheating.

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sam's club auction is a big fat lie..........they automatic set the limit and raise it every time and compete with you!

Lemont, Illinois, United States #996277

That happens when another user sets up his or her bid maximum amount to be higher than yours. For example, a product has a current maximum bid of 10.

You bid $12, but suddenly the other person's bid shows up as $15 and it shows that it was made at an earlier time. It's because they set up their bidding in $5 increments for say a max of $50. You don't know their max bid because it's a blind process. You can try going up a dollar each bud until their higher bid stops showing up.

It will stop showing up as long as you exceeded their preset max amount. Many auction websites work in this manner.

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