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I was planning to buy a kitchen aid went online to check if there was availability of stock in Madison Heights branch and there was. I called the store and they said they don't have.

Called online customer service and verify if they have it he said they have it. I called again and in store said they don't have it. The costumer service even put me on hold for a long time but still she said they are out of stock and doesn't know the availability date. I planned to go in store but I don't have time.

So one day I found my time, in the store where the kitchen Aisle there were a lot of stocks! I just don't know why they are not consistent with there service! You could not trust Sams Club Madison Heights customer service. How many times it happened to me but this time I caught them!

I called online again to report and prove what they are doing so online called the in-store and was right the instore said they are out of stock! So what I did was ordered it online and pick up in store so this time I didn't call coz I verified myself that they have a stock. You see how much time and effort I wasted just to verify if they have a stock. The pick up was terrible too!

It took me an hour! The cashier were not trained they don't know what they are doing! Overwrite people takes too long to assist! I changed cashier because the other one doesn't know what to do and it was taking a lot of wait time so I transferred .

When I transferred, the price was not write it kept on ringing up $299.99! Overwrite people again was hard to find! Then the cashier made a mistake again because the price was different from what it should be thus happened twice! So imagine!

You see, how much time waisted and the stressed it gave me?!!! Really really a bad customerservice! I thought that I bought online would be faster but it's not because the price was not adjusted. Even they have a scanned receipt for them to scan, it doesn't recognize the price online.

So you better have a copy of your receipt online and so it to them or else it will double your time to wait and to explain. I have a copy of my receipt and I even showed the online price in my cellphone but still the cashier and overwrite person doesn't know what they are doing!

Imagine 3 mistakes because they keep entering the wrong price ( with a copy already of my receipt)! They are really not trained!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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So when you went in to"verify" that they had the stock (days later), why didn't you just buy it then instead of going back home, ordering online, and then going to the store to pick it up? Sounds like a lot of wasted steps to me.


In store, the price is higher than online price. I went in the store to check the availability.

I don't plan to buy because first, when I called they don't have stocks; second, the price is higher. I am waiting for the price to go down. Since the price is higher, I bought online.

On the other hand I want to buy in store because I could have the financing. My priority is the price.


You must be six years old or mentally retarded to not use logic. When you called the store they were out of stock.

You went days later and guess what genius the stock came. You must also be six years old to know it was the store, not the cashier that made the mistake when you were over charged.


May be you're the retarded. You are not the the person involved.

You are commenting on what you are saying.

It shows who you are, retarded! So, mind your own personality being a retarded not knowing of what you are commenting.


You really should learn spelling and grammar if you are going to post!


I have to agree with that. They bash the cashier for mistakes, however they post and type like they are in the first grade.


Maybe, you are the cashier. You are dumb, too.

Agreeing to the dumb comment not the topic. You don't have anything to say about the reality but the spelling and grammar. Look at yourself depending those who caused the trouble with the customer.

Instead, doing your good customer service, you're creating trouble. You're showing how degrading yourself, such as showing you are a kindergarten who doesn't know what to say but to bully the good person.


I Don't care, you have read it anyway. I know there was "there" should be "their".I used my phone and it's the autocorrect made it.

So, I don't mind whatever it was as long as I expressed what it caused me. My message was to let you know what happened. Sams should know what to do with their employees. With this, if Sams, would take this as a compliment they should be thankful.

On thE other hand, if Sams doesn't recognized this, they will remain dumb.

My topic was about Sams but you are dumb to comment about my spelling and grammar. You're dumb not to think that autocorrect made it.


Serves you right to waste time calling a big-box store and expecting fast answers and correct answers. I did not waste too much time trying to read your post, just skimmed along.


I don't care just read the above comments. I don't need your comment because it doesn't help my topic.