Carthage, Missouri

I purchased a set of tires for my car as well as my wifes car.I noticed a vibration in both.

I returened both to the store. They rotated and rebalanced 3 times. The tires were at least 1/4" out of round. Clearly not first line tires.

I will never buy tires there again. The staff could care less about your car. They scrached up the rims on both cars. Got grease on the seat of my car.

When we would return and complain we would have to wait for a long time. Also dont ever fall for the rebates. You will never recieve a check.

The man that runs the dept is Larry Bray.He thinks the more people he screws over the bigger his bonus check will be.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Pittsburg, Missouri, United States #1134830

I have bought 6 set of tires and never had nothing bust honest salesmen and good first rate tires. Free rotation and first rate service. Road hazard and the best prices in town!


I'm a former sams club tire employee and while there are many things that bother me about sams club, one thing I cannot agree with is that their tires are "seconds." First, why would one of the oldest international brands and the biggest names in tires put their name and potential liability on tires that anyone sells on their behalf?The answer is, they wouldn't.

Second, while I ordinarily feel that this tire company produces one of the most reliable products on the tire market (in my ten years at Sam's Club this brand has had the least amount of warranties of any of the major brands that I have handled), they are not immune to the lack of mechanical knowledge that goes with people installing their product. Sams club does not have a comprehensive training program. Theirs is training by computer. While this is convenient, consider whether someone replacing you could take over your job simply by watching videos.

I should hope not lest the adage be true-even a monkey could do your job! Finally, no manufacture of anything be they tires, cars, or doorstops is immune to product failures. This is why most manufacturers have a quality assurance program and many others have product warranties-both of which apply here.

It is unfortunate that you had such a rough go with your vehicles.

But, since lightning struck twice in the same place-both your vehicles at the same time, I'd guess (and I think most level headed mechanics would agree) that this...

Don't be afraid to ask about the level of knowledge working in the shop.I hope your tire future is a straighter path ahead and that this may have given your forward progress more traction down the road.

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I've got seventy thousand miles on my Michelin's from Sam's. I didn't rotate as often as I should have and I still have a way to go before they get to the wear bar. Best tires I've ever had.


I buy tires at Sams Club all the time. Never had a problem.


Where is the location of that Sam's Club?


You really need to wonder, why there tires are so low priced. They are seconds.


Try buying some Goodyear tires.I went to the Goodyear store 4 times and 4 sets of tires.

All out-of-round. Finally went back to dealer and they told them the problem. Dealer told me to go buy what ever tire I wanted and bring them the bill. I did and they reimbursed me to the penny.

I bought the best Michelin tires I could buy from a local tire store.

They were 1 size over-sized from what came on my truck originally.Never had another problem.

Albany, Georgia, United States #697630

Ibought my set goodyear tire at sams in p.c. fla. back in 2005

I have over 103000 miles on the tires, I get my tires rotated every

4000to6000 mile at sams for free, and thy are polite and courtious to me never found anybody rude or ugly some of theses are saying.. I,m

going back and get me another set when Ineed them...........


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Winter Park, Florida, United States #631695

been getting tires from sams for years no complaints, actually do a good job, will buy there again

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