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I arrived at the West Florissant Sam's a few minutes after 7 am for 4 tires to be installed on a Chevy truck. At 8:04, I inquired about the status and was told there was ONE more tire left to install. Twenty minutes later, there was still ONE more tire to be installed. There were two workers and only one other auto in the shop, waiting for a tire patch (that customer was waiting about one hour too). When I inquired again (about 8:20 am), the...
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h.kitchener Are you aware that the "name brand" tires you buy at Sam's Club are made to Walmart specs and inferior to the regular name brand tires sold at regular tire stores? The ones yo...

I filed a claim with their corporate "Claims Management, Inc.". All I got for my trouble was a call from some fool out of Wal-mart's Bentonville office explaining it wasn't their fault. Really? The window was closed and hadn't been used. They rolled it down and then it wouldn't roll back up. Why did they touch it. I didn't realize all the windows were required to open on the truck to move it 50 feet on a 67 degree day in order to change tires...
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We took our SUV to Sam’s Club in Temple, Texas to have all 4 tires installed. The following Sat morning, April 23rd, my husband and I headed north on I35 leaving Temple, Texas. My husband was in the passenger seat. The highway is currently under heavy construction between Temple and Waco, so traffic is crazy. I changed into the fast lane to get around a tractor trailers blocking my view. Cars in the fast lane started putting on their breaks...
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Anonymous I would take this to a Claims Court and tell them that they endangered your lives yet still refuse to take responsibility for the incident.

I didn't like
  • Horrible customer service