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I bought a cell phone in December off Samsclub.com because i thought sam's club was a reputable company and thought this would be better than buying through regular cell phone vendors. At that time they also offered insurance and I took the insurance and paid 99 dollars for a year of protection.

The other day my cell phone broke and I started to try and find the insurer then I found out the insurer has went bankrupt and is no longer in business. Since the I have called samsclub.com customer service over 5 times and it has been 2 wks since i first reported this to sams club to see if they would cover the phone or not. no one will answer my question and they just keep saying they are sending it on to escalation and now to corporate their reps have even said this has been a problem and one admitted the other reps have handled claim wrong. have spoken to supervisors and they will not give me a number of who I need to speak to.

All i want to know is will they cover cell phone they sold me and sold me insurance for will be covered or not still waiting on an answer and yes it has been over 3-5 business days as is each customer service reps answer as when they will respond. I have my receipt from sams club with order number on it but they say they cannot find it in their system.

I have offered to email them copies of the receipt but no one wants that. The name of the insurance company was Mobile Device Protection Association they went out of bsiness and never notified the people whose money they have already taken.

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today 2 weeks after initially contacting sams we got a call from square trade one of the other insurance carriers that sams club uses and sams got them to cover my claim and they are going to replace my phone. although completely relieved it would have been nice to have heard from a representative from sams just to know what was going on.