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I recently visited SAMS Club in Temple Texas and was approached by a Just Energy (Direct TV) service representative. The representative inquired about who my electricity provider was and how Just Energy could save me some money if I switched to them.

At the end of his brief I ended up signing up with a “Nights Free plan” which was supposed to lower the cost of my monthly bill, or so he said. The representative stated that the good thing about Just Energy was if I did not like the plan, or if the plan was not what I hoped, I could cancel at any time with no early disconnection fee as long as I notify the company prior to switching. Long story short, I received my first bill from Just Energy which was a partial bill based on the timing of the billing period. The bill was for $213.00 and they credited me $150.00 to cover the early termination fee which I incurred from cancelling service from my previous electricity provider, so I ended up paying $63.00.

The second bill I received for the full month was in the amount of $555.00. Needless to say I was shocked and appalled. Not only was the bill not what I was expecting to see but it was double what I usually paid through my previous electricity company. What the representative failed to inform me was that I would be charged 18.9 cents per kWh which would raise my bill significantly instead of lowering it.

If the representative truly wanted to help me as a customer he would have explained that by going with the nights free plan instead of bundling my plan my bill would be much larger. I feel as though he purposely did not brief me correctly and his only intent was to secure another customer for Just Energy.

When I went to the SAMS store to find the Just Energy representative there was no one there that day. I did make contact with a store manager and a SAM’s employee whom I informed of the situation. To my surprise the employee told me and the manager that she also had been wronged by the Just Energy in the past and that her bill was $700.00 dollars.

The manger did state that she would let the primary store manager aware of my issue and even took my name and number. In addition I did contact Just Energy directly via telephone, and was informed by the representative that they had received several complaints about the field representatives at SAM’s locations and were in the process of pulling many of them back for retraining. She also stated that they try not to offer any customers the night’s free plan as it is not the preferred due to it not being a package plan and would result in higher Energy Charges. I am retired military and have a family of five.

I can only imagine how many other SAMs customers have been lied to, or mislead just to sell a plan. I am utterly disappointed in Just Energy and SAMs for allowing this type of organization to prey on their customers. As of yesterday I notified Just Energy of my intent to cancel service as I had been instructed so as not to incur an early termination fee, only to have the representative inform me that it appears I have already switched companies with another electricity provider and as a result I would incur the $150.00 early termination fee anyways. This could not be possible as I had not called to cancel service before then.

In my opinion this was another ploy to get an additional $150.00 from me. I respectfully request that you look into my issue and provide me feedback as to what action SAM’s is taking to address the issue.

I am certain there are many customer who have experienced the same thing I have and can only imagine the customers with fixed incomes who were duped into changing electricity providers. It is my intent to notify and lodge a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and the Public Utility Commission of Texas as I feel Just Energy business practices are knowingly misleading and unethical at the customer’s expense.

Reason of review: Just Energy/Direct Tv service providers inside SAMs stores.

Monetary Loss: $555.

Preferred solution: Ensure Just Energy representatives are executing honest and moral business practices while operating in SAMs stores that are in the best interest of the customer..

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Thanks for the review. My plan is up for renewal with TXU & I have not switched providers for the last 26 years.

I was thinking of doing so.

GLAD I READ YOUR REVIEW!! Will not be switching 2 anyone


Thank you for sharing your experience, reading this saved me from being ripped.




I also go to Sam's I am so tired of being approach by people trying to sell me something or give me a ticket for free cheap knives, I go there only to shop . How do we get this stopped????


I’m with you. Today while shopping at Sams Club I was approached by Just Energy.

Infamous slammers.

I can’t believe that any true good reviews exist for them. They have been wandering our rural Cleveland area for awhile now and their bad ‘reputation’ usually precedes them.


I was offered the Free Nights plan by the sales rep at the Temple, TX Sam's Club. She stated her plan of FREE Nights from 9am - 7am was better than my current TXU plan of FREE Nights from 8pm - 5am.

It appears neither plan is very good. My TXU bill has become more costly since I subscribed to the FREE Nights. I'm dealing with them currently as well. So, who IS happy with their current provider?

Oncor supplies the power and everyone else starts a business to get a piece of the pie. So, does it really matter who your provider is?


Your complaint is with Just Energy/Direct TV service, Not with Sam's Club.


I have made a formal complaint through those agencies as well. I understand that SAM's did not wrong me persay however, the approach and transaction took place in a SAM'S stire from a provider that SAM's allowed to used their venue to sell to SAM's customers. My intent is to make people aware and hold the organization(s) accountable.


Sams is doing wrong by not vetting these scammers.


Thank you for sharing your experience OP. I felt victim too, wish I had read this before hand, I usually am so careful with these things.

I am reasonably confident Sams vetted them and gets paid by Just Energy to be allowed in their stores...how could they not? Sams holds equal, if not more accountability then Just Energy.

Many customers would not even switch to them if approached on the street or called at home. My Sam's membership expires in early 2020 and I am not renewing it.