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june 16 08, i purchased glasses from Sams Club at the cost of 479.00 they are garenteeded for one year, one month after the garentee expires the nose bridge brakes into two pieces, while i was cleaning the lenses. i have worn glasses most of my adult life and have never broken a pair.

when i took them back to see if they could repair then the person there told me 'to bad' there was nothing they could do about it. but they could sell me another pair for 10 percent off. my husband lost his job back in Jan and i cannot afford new glasses. i am quiting my membership and will not shop there again.

i hate when i get rip off. you should see their ad 'guaranteed customer satisfaction', right in my dreams maybe

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Membership.

Monetary Loss: $479.

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You sound like an ***. Poor grammar and you lose all credibility.

That's what you get for shopping at SAMs , good things are not cheap and cheap things are not good. Pony up the dough next time.


This seems ridiculous. I purchased my glasses from Sam's Club and I have had them for about a year and a half.

They are in great condition. I am not very careful with them and they still held up great.

To all others with comments: quit complaining. And check your grammar and spelling.


Trust me on this, some of you guys are lucky. I bought two glasses from them, one as a primary and one as a backup, and, as an additional item, I bought both them with a fully enclosed frame because those were the most that should have been reliable in terms of wear (so I thought).

Forget the frames, which I paid top dollar for, the lenses started to crack one year from the top of the frame down after I had purchased them. The crazy thing was the one pair that first cracked, was my "secondary item," I have only worn, I guess, about 5 times, and has never been left in the car when I took them into work. There were no temperature issues since both were left in my bedroom (no snide remarks). This has to be the worst quality control I have ever seen for eyeglasses.

I would love the company to contact me and have me send the secondary item to explain themselves. I work in the courts and I understand warranties, but it seems to me that when you buy a car and have never used it, and it breaks down after five drives there might be an issue about how much the company cares about its customers.


I bought glasses (Costco) from Sam's...The lense keeps popping out..I've taken them back 4 times but just happens again..NEVER again will buy glassas from Sam's.


Jon is right. Your prescription should only be good for 1 year anyway.


1 year warranty, it is what it is. It's policy andyour not the or an exception.

Sucks that they broke a month after the warranty expired, looks like you will have to puchase another pair. They offered you 10% off which is more than some places do.


I had similar trouble, but my frame broke (bad weld) a month before warranty expired, so they gave me new frames. Unfortunately, the new frames only lasted 5 months before breaking at a different weld, even though I was very carefull with the second pair.

(Warranty not applicable on the replacement.) Close examination showed the weld was only 1/3 the size of the other side. (Made in China.) Since consumers demands the lowest prices, often that results in low quality.

I doubt frames at any other chain are any better.

Nothing seems to me made with lasting quality anymore.


Do you guys work for Sam's?


Ever heard of "nerd-repair?" Duct-tape them back together if you can't afford new ones! I'd rather be able to see rather than worry about appearance!


Costco has great quality glasses.


And only a 90 day warranty


guarantee is 1 year, nothing more nothing less. They are only designed to last 1 year. Buy a new pair