Cicero, Illinois

We bought 4 items today and had three different taxes (sales) on the receipt.

Purina One dog food 38.64

Milk bone 10.38

Corned beef 12.44

24 pk of bud lite 12.96

sub total 74.42

tax 1 7.5% 4.65

tax 2 1.75% .22

tax 3 1.0% .13

I was told it was a gurnee tax on top of IL sales tax. Yet on our other purchases in several stores in Gurnee, we were only charged the IL standard 7.5% sales tax. You mean to tell me that that cheap Sam's Club outfit needs more than the *** 1,000,000 a minute that they already make by ripping off seniors for every cent of Social Security money they can? If you're a senior, DO NOT SHOP at Sam's club OR Walmart. They are thieves

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Dog Food.

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I just got charged tax on a cake in California at Sam’s club. That’s not right.


It appears that you were ONLY taxed 2.75% on your Beer instead of the full rate of 7.5% ($12.96 x 1.75% = $.2268 and $12.96 x 1.0% - $.1296)

with the rest of your order was charged at the full rate of 7.5%

They could have simplified it and charged you 7.5% for your entire purchase which would have been $5.58 instead of the $5.00 they actually charged you!!!


Some stores receipts will break down taxes others will not. Did you buy beer at those other stores?

Alcohol and tobacco are taxed at a different rate than food and general merchandise. Most will have only one tax PERCENT showing (the main sales tax rate) but the amount added is totally ALL applicable taxes.

Since ALL taxes are recorded to the state, I got a good laugh at your accusation of fraud and theft by SAMS....Maybe, in the future before you show ignorance, you can ask someone to explain your receipt to you.


your a?????


No she's not - she' brutally honest and calls out idiots for what they are.


Besides a state sales tax, most cities have a sales tax too. I don't know of any city that could survive without a city sales tax.

That is how they provide some of the services that they provide. Some places also have a Bed and Breakfast tax, some places they call it an Entertainment tax. Maybe your beer comes under that heading. All in all, in order for the people of your city and state to receive the services that it receives, there has to be certain taxes.

I would suggest looking at your register receipts from other stores more closely. There is bound to be the same number of taxes on them, it could be that some stores have some of the taxes lumped together, but if they do it would be a lot of work to know which percentage goes where. In face where I live it states right on the receipt which is state tax and which is city tax.

I'm sure Sam's and WalMart aren't the only businesses that have that many taxes where you live.