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Dear Mr. Jim Millerborg(Sam's Club; Wichita Kansas 316-945-3010)My name is Kimberly Vu-Childrey and I'm just one of Sam's customers. I have purchased and IPod-touch on 01/18/2010, with the 2yr Service Plan. I brought it back in on 02/02/2011 because the screen on the IPod-touch wasn't working, but showed a complete white background. At that time, Sam's Club didn't have the same version IPod-touch and they handed me the next version of the IPod-touch. The receipt dated 02/02/2011 indicated the item #120961(which was the original IPOD) exchanged with #120961 IPOD; which was the same item, but gave me the next version instead, and the new item # wasn't on the new receipt.On 05/02/2011, my husband brought the "exchanged, new version" IPOD back because everything was working just fine except the camera. That's when we all realized who ever had process the first exchange failed to put the correct item # of the IPOD on the receipt. My husband explained the situation and the manager signed the receipt indicating item# 725503 (which was supposed to be on the exchanged receipt originally), but Dustin H. the Manager said to come back after 05/06/2011 because he didn't have it in stock at the time.

05/07/2011, my husband and I came in to do the exchange. We were there for almost an hour trying to explain and even with Dustin's signature on the receipt, we were treated as though we stole the IPOD from another store and asking for an exchange at Sam's. Shannon, the manager there spoke to us with insulting words. She said "we have to eat the two hundred dollars and not you!" I gave her my driver's license and Sam's card so that if needed she or anyone can contact me for any reasons. She said Dustin's signature doesn't mean anything, and if we wanted the exchange, we should have come when Dustin is here. Honestly, Dustin didn't tell me that, otherwise I would have done so to avoid the awful treatment Shannon had caused.

My husband and I were late to our daughter's recital because Shannon didn't bother to tell us to come back when Dustin is there, but instead, Shannon used many terms and we were so embarrassed infront of many customers there. The looks people had towards us was not pleasant. The problem is that Shannon doesn't have the "manager" material to handle this situation. There were many things she had said that wasn't proper. I have been humble enough not to tell you that I am older than Shannon, and work at Cessna, Manufacturing Engineer/Supply Chain. I serve my customers in person/on phone very well, and I make sure my customers are happy and if I have to stay over late at work in order to download and send BluePrints to Canada and California, I do it with ease. Shannon doesn't know I understand the frustrations sometimes when customers are rude, but the fact is I was not rude. She spoke to my husband and I the way she did because I am 40 years old and I look like a teen-ager. She doesn't know I'm very much educated and with the Composite Engineering degree, I will have my BSN in 2 years at Newman.

I am upset at the fact that I didn't do anything wrong, and Shannon confronted me with an awful attitude. Shannon should not judge the book by its cover. I look like a teen-ager probably stole an item from elsewhere and trying to rip off Sam's Club. But the thing is, Dustin understood where the problem had gone wrong and signed my receipt to approved the exchange. Why didn't anyone tell me to come back when Dustin could handle this?

I would like to come in and talk to you in person. I also will come in and talk to Dustin myself. I don't want a lawsuit, I don't want trouble, I only want an apology from Shannon.

Thank you,Kimberly Vu-Childrey, MFG/Supply Chain316-616-7353

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Hey, you know that Sam's Club has no connection to this site, right? And I hope that is not your personal phone number....


"I am 40 years old and I look like a teen-ager"

First of all, I want to know how you have pulled that off. I am 54 and look like 54.

I could use some advice. Is it clean living? Good food?

No smoking or drinking?

Good luck with your iPod and stay YOUNG looking forever!


Kim,Some Managers @ Sams should never be Managers at all as you can tell!Sharron or Shannon what ever your name is Suck it up and stop being JEALOUS and grow up!Being JEALOUS will make you a fool as its already shows be your reply,You should have never acted the way you did at all,DONT YOU KNOW that as a Manager your to be nice at all times?I guess NOT!Just because someone is pretty(and your not!)Dont give you the right to be a *** to put it in a nice way,Kim I would call head quarters to let them know how sharron did not do her JOB!she should step down from being a Manager ASAP!if she was Smart by the sounds of it shes NOT!Good luck Kim!