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I am happy to say that Myra called me from the club to say that my ring was in; she also said \"I told you I was going to stay on it\". SHE DID and I a very grateful!!

As I told my fiance\' after we left the store with our correct ring; you can never judge a person the first time. In my explanation of what happened, the person I referred to who looked at the ring\'s \"hue\" was Myra. I felt that she was giving me the run around; when all along she was working on my issue.

A valuable lesson I needed to be reminded of! I am thankful and grateful for her diligence and believing what was in plain sight.

Thank you for listening and I wish all who posted a favorable resolution in your situation!!

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I am having an issue with Sam's Club in Grandview, MO 816.765.0600.  Below is a written concern I submitted on Walmart's Ethics website.


Issue: sorry it is so long


I have been a member since 2009. My fiancé (auth user) purchased my engagement ring at The Sam's Club in Grandview, MO.  I have been trying to return the ring for a smaller size for the last 2 wks.

My initial visit was 8/15 at that time it was discovered the ring was found under the new item number; in the size I needed (6).  The associate who helped me told me my options were (exchange or resized), she also expressed that because the diamonds on my ring come down on the sides, that she wouldn't resize it, especially since I am within my 90 day return/exchange.

The ring item # had changed to Item #: 596912 from item # 582334 and the price has increased by $200.  She accessed the special order system and found the ring under the new item #, but also found that in the comments it read "USE THIS FOR ITEM # 582334".  She called over a supervisor and the supervisor agreed and tried to make the exchange and override the price, but did not have access.  She then says "you can have it resized, or pay the $200 to get the size 6 that I need; because I cannot override it".  I will not have it resized or pay $200 (first "really???" moment).  I am within my appropriate time frame! 

I had a weekend family function that I went out of town.  On Monday 8/20 I called the main customer service dept and explained the situation and at that point found out that they could have called to have someone override the price and if that did not work they could escalate it to another dept.  I also verified that the return policy did not have any restrictions on jewelry and that I am within my 90 days and have the option of exchange/return/resize.

I called on Tues 8/21 and spoke with a male supervisor who told me to come in and it would be sorted out.  I called back on Wed 8/22 to confirm that the supervisor passed the information on to the other supervisors/managers, as he told me he would.  Only to find out that he did not.  I spoke with Desaray, the Executive Manager, explained the issue and she said to come in and ask for Crystal and/or another male supervisor and they would get it straightened out.

I go in and talk with Crystal, she was aware of the situation and said that Desaray had already emailed her and authorized the exchange.  Crystal found the appropriate ring and called over another supervisor.  At this point, the second "really???" moment came with this other supervisor, who kept insisting that they were two different rings.  She goes to the case and takes out the exact ring and holds my ring and that ring together; then has the nerve to say "yes they are different because they have different hues".  Now what she does not know is that on the first day I was there, the associate had already done that and saw that both rings match.

Crystal did call the try and get an override, but was not able to get it.  She took my information and assured me she would call me on Thur 8/23 am when she had a chance to talk with Desaray.

On Thurs 8/23 I had to call, spoke with Desaray and she told me that she had reached out to home office and they were checking other stores to see if they had the ring in my size and the original item number to do the exchange.  Okay, third "really???" they knew the ring under that item number had been change to the new item number.  So I went with it, thinking "how *** do they really think I am"…but okay.

I call on Friday and spoke with Crystal, at that time she say that home office said they would not honor the exchange and if I wanted a size 6 I would have to pay the additional $200 dollars, because…"the price of gold had gone up" (now this situation has gone way past "really" to I cannot believe, she really said that).

At this point, I say to her "the ring is the same, your computer system says so and if I walked into an attorney's office with what I have, they would also agree.  It is the same ring! I thank her for all of her help and ask for the home office number, she says she was waiting on the supervisor to finish talking with someone else and would call me right back. 

I then call the customer service line and speak with a very nice and helpful lady who apologized many times for the treatment I was receiving and opened a ticket detailing this ordeal.

Okay, 2 hours later I call back for Crystal, just to get the number I had been waiting for; she transfers me to Desarey, at this point I say "hi Desaray, how are you" Desaray tells me "that she was alright until I called and complained to customer service; that they were doing everything possible"  I told her that "I did not complain about them and said they were being very nice", she said, "well they didn't put that in there".  Then proceeded to explain, again, the ridiculousness of the reasoning as to why I am not being treated as a valued customer and Sam's 90 day policy would not be honored, for me.  She said she would refund my money if that is what I wanted, she did not know what else to do. I told her that your own website and in store system confirmed what I saw and was saying to her.  Desaray's response was "the website and the inhouse computer that was being use were not always correct and current".  A response that is laughable at best!


     So even though when I search the website with my item number and it produces the same ring under the new item number and that on two separate occasions, I saw the comment on the inhouse computer.  The second time I saw it, I pointed it out to Crystal and she agreed with what I saw and what it said.  She told the other supervisor (the "hue" one) and again it was like we were talking to the air.

At this point, I told Desaray, I only called in to get the home office number, thanked her for helping me and we ended the call.

I am now writing you; this is very unethical and just plain wrong!  As I said to all of them, if I had come in and the price was $200 cheaper, this would not be an issue and the last thing they would have done is offer me a $200 refund for the difference.

Also, my 90 days is over on 8/31 and I am being stalled and treated unfairly so that my time frame would expire and I can bet that the new excuse would be "your 90 days are over, again we can't help YOU". 

I have been a manager for over 20 years, and know better!  You CAN override a price!  You CAN honor your policies!  You CAN and COULD have handled this very professionally, ethically, and in a way that I now will not be renewing my membership in November!


At this point, I do not even know or think that you will even respond to me regarding this issue.  I should NOT have had to work as hard and use my time to get my issue treated with respect and ethically.  I have spent almost 2 hours in the store, and that does not include the many phone calls I had to make to only be told this ridiculous, pathetic, excuse OVER $200 dollars.

I love my ring and would hate to return it, but it is an option I will have to consider.  I do hope that you show some concern and contact me back. My number is 816.785.1801.

Thank you for your time

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My fiance purchased my bridal set at Sams Club in our hometown the last week of May. The size he purchased is a 6 and I need a 5.5.

He clarified with the associate that we could bring it in and get sized and was told emphatically that ALL their jewelry can be sized for no cost. So I took it in a week ago to get send it off for sizing ( without him with me) and was informed that the computer is showing it is as small as it can go and I should just wear a " Snuggie" on my bands ( HELLO!!!!! Really????) So I asked if they couldn't size what my course was ( besides wearing the plastic sier for the next 50 years) and they said we could take it to another jeweler in town ( but void our warranty) I love my rings and dont want to return them but I cant wear the plastic forever it hurts and gets caught on things. Do you have any tips?

My fiance says we will go in Monday and speak to the manager I hope they are helpful but im not feeling very hopeful. I'm glad your situation turned out ok!