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I filed a complaint with the BBB on 01/22/2018, was contacted by Sam's Club on 01/23/2018. Refund received 01/26/2018.

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Buckle up and hunker down, it's going to be a LONG read. I am a member at Sam's Club.

************************************** Order Number: 519092450 Campbells Chunky NewEngland ClamChowder 15.25oz 8ct ********************************* I ordered 10 cases @ $8.81 each with free shipping included. Each case has 8 soup cups. 10 cases would equal 80 soup cups. This order was split into two boxes and shipped December 4.

What I received in the first box was 3 soup cups. The second box had 7 soup cups. I called on December 6 and was issued a replacement. The replacement generated a new order number.

Order # 633913950 I was also sent an email requesting that I return the soup cups I had already received. I called again to find out why, and was told to disregard the request for return and was assured a replacement was on the way. The replacement shipped on December 7, and received on December 9. The shipment was sent in two boxes again.

The first box had 3 soup cups. The second box had 3 cases of 8 plus 4 soup cups for a total of 28 soup cups just for box #2. I called on December 9 and asked to speak to a manager. I was told they were in a meeting.

I opted to wait. 35 minutes later a manager gets on the phone. I explain what happened. She asked if I would rather go to my local club and pick up the replacement order.

I advised that I was disabled and would rather have it shipped. Which is the reason why I ordered to begin with. She placed me on hold explaining that the system would not allow another replacement and would have to be handled manually. A few minutes passed and the first representative got back on the phone and advised it was being taken care of.

Today is December 12 and have not received any email on new shipments. By my count I have received 41 soup cups so far. You still owe me 39 soup cups. I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY THIS WAS EVER AN ISSUE...

THE FULL CASES OF 8 SOUP CUPS HAVE A BIG RED STICKER ON THEM THAT SAYS: (((((DO NOT SEPARATE!!!!))))) (((((THIS IS ONE UNIT!!!!))))) I decided that since I had not received any communication from you, and failed to take down the names of individuals I spoke to. I would send this complaint in writing. **I sent this e-mail on 12-12-2017** **The following is what has transpired since then** CODE RED::HALF AN ORDER [Incident: 171219-003851] (12/21/2017 05:55 PM) Hi David, In order to receive the remaining 5 cases not received I had to issued a refund so the other 5 cases could be ordered. The amount of the 5 missing is 44.10.

The confirmation number for the refund is 600400279. Happy to Help, Dxxxx, Member Service Center **After all it took to get this resolved, I was unsure if the remaining items would be automatically reordered so I sent this in response** DO NOT REORDER MISSING PRODUCT I AM GOING TO KEEP THE REFUND Hi David, Unless you are the one reordering the product, the items can't be reordered. At this time, Sam's Club isn't set up for their customer service center to place orders Dxxxx, Member Service Center **Cool, I'm finally going to get this resolved. Or so I thought.** (12-30-2017) I sent another e-mail...

When can I expect to see the refund appear on my Visa account?? I have been checking every day...... Response: Hi David, The adjustment refund is in processing. Due to the holidays, the refund department is a little behind and the adjustment should post within 5 business days.

Happy to Assist Dxxxx- Member Services Center (01-09-2018) I send another e-mail... I am still waiting for my refund that was supposed to be processed 12-21-2017.......... FYI......This nightmare started 12-03-2017. Response: Hi David, According to our records the refund has been processed.

Please contact your credit company for verification the refund has posted to your account. If it hasn't let me know, and i will submit request for an e-gift card for the amount of the refund. If you need additional information or assistance, please contact us at the number listed below, and as always we thank you for being a Sam's Club Member. Have a nice day and Happy to Help, Dxxxx- Sam's Club Member (01/10/2018) I respond.

I called and personally spoke to a representative at Wells Fargo bank. I spoke to Juan, There is no evidence/confirmation of any deposit made by Sam's Club to my account in the amount of $44.10. I looked on my account and found that, what you claim to be a refund was only a price adjustment to equal half of what I actually paid on the original order. How is that a refund?????

Same day, Response: Hi David, Yes, I processed an adjustment/refund in the amount of 44.10 for you only receiving half of the order. I am sending this to our accounts payable to access and the reissuing of the refund/adjustment. If you need additional information or assistance, please contact us at the number listed below, and as always we If you need additional information or assistance, please contact us at the number listed below, and as always we thank you for being a Sam's Club Member. Have a nice day and Happy to Help, Dxxxx- Sam's Club Member ****************************************************************************************************************************** Why do I get the feeling that they think I'm trying to rip them off????

All that you have read thus far is the second time warehouse packers did not full-fill correctly. It happened with order Number: 426736473, dated 11-10-2017 The difference is that the replacement that was sent on 11-16-2017 was correct with the exception that they charged me $5.61 S&H on Tracking Number#: 406583865270 *********************************************************** I have been a member since July of 2016. Membership Number: 10142100832203988 Jul 27, 2016 to Jul 20, 2017 Membership Number: 10142100885695809 Aug 20, 2017 to Present I had to start a new membership with a different email address since they were unable to fix the system so it would keep track of Frequently Ordered items. In the last 18 months I can prove that I have spent $6,967.95 on products from Sam's Club.

That averages out to $387.10 per month for the last 18 months. AND I recently placed an order in January for $164.17 for products in-store. If I was trying to rip them off, don't you think $44.10 would be pretty pathetic considering all I have spent in the past???? I think I have been, MORE THAN patient and understanding considering the holidays.

A recent article on-line said that 63 Sam's Clubs were shutting down, putting approx. 11,000 workers out of a job. I feel for all those affected!!! And if my issue is tied up with that, I totally understand and am willing to wait longer or even forget about the refund completely.

But y'all know that is not the issue... This started with an order placed on 12-03-2017....... The funniest part about all this is the same product is still on sale currently. AND, to be fair.

I just got off the automated phone banking system checking to see if all this was for not. Still no refund at 5:22am Central time 01-14-2018 I will never order items to be shipped again....

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $44.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Discounts.

I didn't like: Being told it was already taken care of when it was not.

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If they adjust the amount charged to the amount it should be that is a refund. Sounds scammy after that. Unless you returned the ones you already got which it doesn’t sound like you are essentially scamming them now.

to Annon #1430160

It's been finally resolved, but only after the Better Business Bureau sent Sam's Corporate Headquarters a letter. Snail-mail. Who knew????


Too long of a complaint.

Who would want to read a complaint this long?

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