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I will be brief, in a nutshell, TV went dead, call Sams, make appointment, they cancel appointment, then, reinstate, then, service provides comes, take TV (Vizio 47) bought in NOV 2007. Provider states that I will have an answer on Monday.

Monday comes and goes, Tuesday come and goes, Wednesday called... find out that nothing had been done. Tech "decides" to inspect/troubleshoot TV. Finds out main board is gone.

Tech calls me (after I had a say about their level of service) and informs that part had been ordered via Sams. Call Sams to verify it... guess what?!?!?! they were clueless of the entire thing (that's because I called FIVE times to address the issue.

Lady on the phone (talked as if she were almost dead... no "personality" keeps saying "we are going to call you back between 3 and 5 business days" Come on?!?!? This has been three weeks now. I had a feeling that it would be one of those "experiences".

Please... do yourself a favor, NEVER buy extended protection plan from Sams Club. It is horrible and they do not care about you or your deffective product. It is a complete waste of money and if you have heart problems...

please stay away... you can just have a heart attack with all the aggravation they put you through.

Monetary Loss: $1504.

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the extended warrenty is through another company that Sams goes through,Sams should help you all the no matter what,so you will keep coming back,what part of that do u not understand Worker?or should I say Sams Worker?if u do work for Sams You know how much this store sucks!!!!!!!!!


I hadn't noticed that my original script had been botched by the doc, for 55 refills. While waiting for the original (first) fill, I shopped in the store to pass time.

About 2 hrs.

went by instead of the promised 30 minutes and they still kept telling me it would be a bit longer, with no explanation, until I got a bit loud. Then she said they were waiting for the doc to call back because of the number of refills. Mind you, I wasn't there for refills...

The frozen stuff was thawing out; I got so disgruntled that I abandoned the cart and left the store. There was no reason why they couldn't have filled my first time script and then called about the refills.

I suppose from now on I will always check any scripts before submitting it.


The extended warrenty is through another company... not sams club.

You have 90 days through sams club and the warrenty you buy goes through someone else. You have to deal with them.