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My mom who is in her 70's has been shopping sams club for many years. On her way out from a recent purchase she left her cash envelope at the register while she was packing up her bags.

The Cashier gave her open envelope with about $400 to the customer behind my mother ( this was captured on the Sams club video tape). WHen my mom told me what happened I was sure they would help identify the other member and get my mothers money back ... they couldn't care less. I Called the store manager (she was incompetent and rude) and the customer service line was ZERO help.

Their cashier did not follow policy and verify who the money belonged to. SHAME on the *** bag who didn't return the money and shame on SAMS club for not even giving my mother a store credit as a courtesy.


Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Manager.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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By mom a wallet or start shopping with her. This is not the cashier's fault or the manager's fault.

Have mom file a police report. The police will watch the security tapes and discover who took mom's money.

Unfortunately, even with security tape, there is no promise that the person who took the money will be identified. Even if the person could be identified, it still isn't Sam's Club's responsibility to catch the thief, but the victim's with the help of the police.


How about investing in purchasing a WALLET for your mother? It was her responsibility to keep track of her money, NOT the cashiers!

The cashier probably had no idea what was going on. Then to think Sam's will reinburse you for the money, Umm NO. So basically if I were to loose my car keys inside of Sam's...

and someone else finds them and steals my car, it's Sam's responsibility to buy me a new car? Give me a break, people need to own up to their actions.


I happen to work for Sam's Club. Generally, the managers are worthless, but there are some good ones.

The policy for found money is to bring it to a manager and let them find the true owner.

Not hand it to anyone who happens to be close by. There are cameras over EVERY register and they will research tape if you ask them.




My Sam's has a liberal return policy. If a member drops their booze, cupcakes, cherry tomatoes, cat litter, or anything they have PURCHASED in the parking lot it is OUR fault.

We reimburse them and clean up their mess. Its our fault that they grabbed chicken thighs instead of ***. We take it back and then throw it away. I am not defending Sam's as they take their employees for granted on a daily basis.

I am just wondering about personal responsibility.

If there are no riding carts available we are yelled and and cussed out on occasion. If reliable transportation is vital to their shopping experience, I suggest that they take matters into their own hands and obtain their own riding devise so they can be assured of their own mobility.


Maybe it's time your Mother has someone to go to the store with if she's having trouble keeping track of her money. That's a lot of money to not have an eye on at all times.

Seems to me your Mom is beginning to need a helping hand. This was not the cashier's fault.

It was your Mom's accident. Be a good son or daughter and help the woman out.


"shame on SAMS club for not even giving my mother a store credit as a courtesy" - Why should a store give a credit for your mother's negligence? She was the one who left the money at the register - not Sam's Club.


Sams Club, like Wal-mart hires anyone. Idiots in the car center crunched the rocker panel on my car, lifted it by the sheet metal rather than frame/suspension.

Of course the regional guy they sent out did the same *** of how they are 'professionals' and wouldn't do that.

The little cult cheer you folks do at the start of each shift shows your mentality. What needs to happen is consumers need to start shopping the smaller stores in their communities, you know, the ones that don't stock cheap *** from China, or meats injected with fluid to increase the weight and keep the color 'looking' fresh.


Such a liar! You should know that many people on this site work at Sam's Club and want to hate on their job but end up defending it because people like you are lying about people like us.

Maybe your mother left $400 at the register but no cashier knowingly handed an envelope full of money to a random stranger. There is no video of this as far as you know because even if there was they wouldn't tell you about it much less show it to you. It would give away camera position. If someone found the money that is not the cashiers problem.

Don't make your mother's mistake Sams Clubs problem. Sams Club is not going to just give you or anyone else $400 just because you lost it in the store. Sams is not a cash machine.

At least you didn't threaten to sue like most people here. One more thing, just because you didn't get your own way does not mean the manager was rude or incompetent.


You are a total ***, nowtellmewhatreallyhappened, and should be fired from ANYWHERE you are working. You have absolutely no business dealing with the public!! I sincerely hope you don't have children or elderly parents of your own to hate on!!!