Norcross, Georgia
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I hate working for this company! Lack of professionalism, managers have no managerial skills, employees are over-worked and work their fingers to the bone yet never get compensated for all of the hard work they put it let alone a simple "thank you" for their effort.

company is set up to make money and reap all of the benefits. Employees get two options: "TAKE IT, OR LEAVE IT!

Cashiers have to upsell the plus membership, credit cards and/or membership renewals.

No matter how many heavy 24 case waters you lift, how many members you treat kindly so they feel appreciated for spending their money in the store is not enough. Sam's Club wants their members to add them to their wills.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sams Club Membership.

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Boo hoo, perhaps if you grew up you would get along better with your manager and co workers.