Portland, Maine
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Re: Order No. 1646915206

I am beyond angry at the performance of Sam's Club on this order.

I spent over $1,100 and have waited over six (6) weeks for a safe which was supposed to have been delivered with "threshold service". Mesa Safe contracted Exel Direct to ship the safe to me. I contacted them directly several times and was assured my safe would be delivered with "threshold service" even though my home has stairs to get through the front door. Exel Direct then subcontracted to an east coast shipping company who then refused to provide the "threshold service" promised and paid for -- by me through my Sam's order.

I contacted Sam's Club 800 number and spoke with a supervisor named Marie. I was assured my safe would be delivered regardless of the stairs because I paid for "threshold service". After repeated conversations with Exel Direct, the east coast delivery company, and Sam's I was referred to Mesa Safe directly, where I spoke with "Paul"(on many occasions). Paul assured me he would arrange to have the safe delivered "threshold service" as promised and paid for.

On Thursday, Paul called and told me I was out if luck because it was not cost effective to provide me with "threshold service" so unless I wanted the safe left in an unattached garage the safe would be returned to Mesa Safe and the order cancelled. This is totally unacceptable!! What happened to Sam's promise of "Satisfaction Guaranteed"? Sam's needs to make good on the terms of the sale...as do those delivery companies who were contracted for "threshold delivery".

I have numerous high value items which are being left unsecured because the safe I paid for and expected to be HERE is sitting in a warehouse in New Hampshire and being returned to the manufacturer. How are you going to make this right? Some orders result in a loss ...that's business. "Satisfaction Guaranteed" was Sam Walton's core belief.

I expect Sam's to *** the bullet and have this order shipped "threshold service" as promised. Long term customer more valuable than a one time loss... Or did I misunderstand during my years as a Walmart/Sam's employee.

I NEED this safe. Please arrange for "threshold service" as promised.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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I am concerned, I have a $3,600 furniture order coming. I live in a third floor retire apartment, we have elevators. I will refuse delivery if it is not brought to my apartment.