Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I have chopped at the tire center at Sams Club in Lawton Oklahoma for about 25 years.

I ws going to get new tires on June 29.2012 and have then mounted.

The Store has about 5 Service stalls, 2 mechanics on duty and I was told to wait for 4 hours.

Than the very friendly mechanic recommendet to go to Sears or somewhere else.

Well, we went to Hibbdon's, they service 7 cars at the same time and had a very nice person

at the front desk helping us.

I never come back to Sam's.

Karin Marshall

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First off we aren't mechanics, half of these guys wouldn't know "righty tightly lefty loosy" if it wasn't taught on walmarts great computerized training. Unfortunately we aren't a big name tire place, we usually only staff 2 guys in the morning and if the store management really blows 2 guys in the busy afternoon.

So yes your wait time is going to be long, why? 2 human beings not machines, 5 cars each getting at least 2 tires = 2-4 hr wait depending on what kind of cars and what they are getting.

I'm sorry im not gonna rush and kill myself because of your lack of consideration. Also don't decide to buy a set of 4 tires 30 min before we close, you don't go to olive garden and order the tour of Italy 10 before they close right?


"I have chopped at the tire center" Are you mad because Sam's Club wouldn't let you run a chop shop at their tire center?


" i never come back to sams to chop " LOL


They weren't unable to provide service, they just were not able to provide it as fast as you wanted it done.