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Just had a horrible experience with my Fountain Valley Sam's club. I bought tires for my wifes Mecedes car i guess in 2009, today she picked up a nail today and the tire started to go flat, I pumped it up and drove to the FV store at Sat@ 6:00 with no customers any where near the tire center, the posted closing time was 9:00pm.

I walk up and the two people working there a man and a girl are there and I say I need a flat repair I have a nail in the tire, the two walk over to my car and I point out the drivers rear tire is the one and she bends down looks at it and says we don't work on this type car, I say really, Sam's installed the tires and the other guy looks at the passenger rear and says my alignment is bad and he can't repair the tire and I say bull *** what's that got to do with the nail in my tire and I say I just want it fixed and I'll install 4 new tires next week, the guy then says the tires are too old and can't fix it, I say go get your manager, 5 minutes later I show him the car and he says they can't fix it because it's out of warranty. He basically would not fix the tire and I told him the two people just wanted to go home and lied to me. His responce was terrible, insulting, and some of the worst customer service I've seen.

I have been a sales person for 30 years and know what customer service is especially when the customer is right.

Also, I had not looked it up at the time because

Sam's always took care of me, But the tires have a lifetime PREMIUM warranty for flats so they are so wrong it's trully bad customer service. I just wanted the nail pulled out and a plug put in. WOW

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They ran this big sales event at Sam's to up your membership we fell for it paid $32 for the premium membership so we could get tires fixed if they were flat no way as soon as I we had a flat tire took it in they said it would be 4 hours no way can anybody wait for hours and 95 degree heat to have a tire fixed and no way shape or form is Sam's Wholesale Club equipped to fulfill the promises they make I got my money back refunded the premier membership took the $32 to the local tire store and had it fixed immediately with no wait